What we did in Kauai part 1

In case you missed my first recap of Hawaii I talked about all the food we ate!

There is plenty to do in Kauai and we wanted to make sure we did a decent amount of activities while still relaxing.

The first couple of days we spent checking out different beach spots. The water was so warm so we spent a lot of time swimming, floating and snorkeling.

One day we ventured to Poipu and checked out a couple beaches in the area. One of our favorites were Shipwreck beach and checking out theshipwreck

These are the rocks they jump off in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.”

Another day we hiked Sleeping Giant(I loved that there was a sleeping giant in Hawaii, since we love taking trips to the one in CT). We were told by many locals to check the hike out but they encouraged us to go early. We didn’t go early, it was really hot. It was pretty strenuous but it was a great view once we got to the top.
sleeping giant

After the hike we headed to Tunnels Beach in Hanalei to snorkel. A lot of people staying at our hotel recommended going here to snorkel and said they saw turtles there but unfortunately we didn’t see any.

On another day we went to Lydgate beach, it was close to our hotel and one of my favorites because it had rocks in a half moon shape so that I could swim laps back and forth while Jeff snorkeled.

On one evening we went to a Luau at Smith’s.
While the luau was a little cheesy and not really worth the money we spent we enjoyed our time and enjoyed all the food we ate.

Stay tuned for more of how we spent our honeymoon!

How was your weekend?

Have you gone to any beaches with water this blue? Where?

Have you ever been snorkeling before?
This was my first time snorkeling, it was really cool to see all the fish that were underneath us.

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  • I love all these honeymoon posts, and the Forgetting Sarah Marshall rocks! Too bad the luau was cheesy (I bet that means I’d have loved it) but yes at least the food was tasty. Love that hiking! Such an awesome activity to take advantage of.
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