Where to eat in Kauai

One of our favorite activities while on our honeymoon was eating! We did a lot of eating while in Kauai. There was soooo many great places to eat! Every time we were in a new area we would hop on yelp to get some suggestions and all of the places had 4 stars. I wanted to share some of our favorite places!

The Dolphin:located in Hanalei, Kauai and Poipu.
We went to this place 3 times!! They had killed sushi, ahi tun and our most favorite dish of all poke.
This particular poke is fresh fish with avocado, seaweed, teryaki sauce and rice. We got this dish every time we went there!!

Verde:located in Kapaa, Kauai.
This restaurant was def one of our favs, we went twice and it was really close to our hotel. While the reviews boast about their fabulous tacos both Jeff and I fell for the beef enchiladas. All of their tortillas were house made and corn so that was a huge bonus for me! The second time we went back Jeff got the same thing as the first time and I got a taco salad. We always got beef when we came here for some reason. We loved the staff and the atmosphere. The place looked a little grungy from the outside but one thing I have learned is you should never judge a restaurant by its cover.

Tiki Tacos: locate in Kapaa Kauai.
This was know for it’s tacos and boy did they have good tacos! We also made several trips there. It was very close to our hotel. They made the most amazing fish tacos on corn tortillas, I don’t think I will ever eat a taco as good.

Beachwalk Restaurant: located in Kapaa Kauai.
We didn’t do breakfast out too much because food in Hawaii is expensive and we wanted to save some $$ on a meal. But the time that we did go out to breakfast we had a fabulous meal! I got a crab omlette and hash browns
and Jeff got banana pancakes with a macadamia vanilla syrup

Voyager: located in Kapaa Kauai at our hotel; a courtyard Marriott.
This restaurant was very conveniently located, right downstairs from our room. The food here was really good! We at several meals and always walked away happy and full! A few of our favorites were short ribs with kimchee fried rice. They made great tuna, mahi mahi and molten lava cake :)
mahi mahi
One of my meals there, a lemon caper mahi mahi with kimchee fried rice.

Makai Lounge: also located at our hotel.
We only visited here a few times, there gluten free options were very limited but they had some pretty fab specials. Our first night they had ahi with crab on top and I could not pass that up!

It is safe to say we ate VERY well in Hawaii. I am pretty sure we both came close to getting mercury poisoning from all the seafood but it was well worth it.

Side note: the food in Hawaii is expensive. We were warned that it would be expensive there but we couldn’t believe how much money meals were compared to here.

Have you ever been to Hawaii?

What is the best meal you have ever had on vacation?

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