Bridesmaid Gifts

Perhaps one of my favorite things about this whole wedding process was deciding what I was going to get my bridesmaids. I had way too much fun looking up ideas online and reading blogs to see what they got their bridesmaids.

From the beginning I knew I wanted to get my bridesmaids jewelry that they could wear on the day of, and hopefully wear again. I actually jumped the gun too soon and bought six earrings from one shop online only to decide they were not what I was looking for a couple months later. I found the perfect earrings on Etsy, they were coral and turquoise and went great with my bridesmaid dresses so I got 5 of them, they are from CrystalShadow.

My junior bridesmaid doesn’t have her ears pierced so I found her a cute and simple necklace to wear. I found her necklace on Etsy as well from April’s shop.
Being the practical person that I am, I wanted to give my bridesmaids something practical, something they could use all the time. One of my aunt’s is extremely talented and has made several Vera Bradley esque totes, makeup bags, diaper bags and so much more. A few summers ago she brought my mom the cutest makeup bag and I knew immediately that I wanted her to make them for my bridesmaids.

I decided to fill the bags with some of my favorite things; which included gum, pssst dry shampoo, chapstick, knotty hair ties and yes to cucumber wipes

make up bags

What is the best bridesmaid gift that you have gotten?
I have gotten TOM’s which was a super cute idea and we all loved them. I also got a really cute tote with my initials which is perfect to pack in your suitcase and use on vacation, or everyday life.

What would you give your bridesmaids if you were getting married?

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