Marvelous Wedding Week!!

Well, we are officially one week away from the wedding. I am changing things up a bit instead of talking about how great my weekend was I wanted to talk about how marvelous the people who have helped us prepare for the big day are!

Marvelous are: my parents, I can’t even tell you how many hours we have spent at their house talking about wedding things, putting wedding things together, arguing over wedding things. They have helped us and supported us 100% and we wouldn’t be having the wedding we are having without them!
Marvelous are: Jeff’s parents, although they aren’t close by they too have been supportive and helped us as much as they can! We wouldn’t be having the wedding we are having without them!

Marvelous are: my bridesmaids from throwing me a fabulous shower/bachelorette weekend to helping out with random wedding things. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of friends to be by my side through this whole process.
Marvelous are: our friends that aren’t in the wedding offering to help. Even though I don’t take too many people up on it, its really nice when people offer to help with things if we need it.

Marvelous are: all of my moms friends who have helped soo much during the wedding prep. Our invitations wouldn’t have looked as nice as they did without her friends and our place cards would have been pretty bad.

Marvelous are: all of our family and friends traveling to come to the wedding. It really makes you feel special when people are willing to drive a couple hours or hop on an airplane to come to your wedding.

Marvelous are: all my regulars at the store who love to talk about the wedding. Although I have reached the point where I am tired of talking about it and just ready for it to happen, its nice that they care so much to ask.

Who is someone who is marvelous in your life right now?

How was your weekend?

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