My 4 day cleanse experience

At the store we run 3 and 5 day raw food cleanses. My boss started this business a couple of years ago and it became the whole reason she wanted to buy the store in the first place. Week after week we run these cleanses and people always say how great they feel after and during always ask me if I have done it. Well, the truth is I hadn’t done it.
For a while I had been thinking about doing it but was afraid to fail. I realized I had to get over that fear and just try it. If I had to give up, at least I could say I tried it.

I felt like I had been eating all the time and that my body needed a serious recharge so last week I decided to give it a go.

I decided to do a 4 day cleanse. Simply because someone was supposed to start on Monday but bailed so I ate the food so it wouldn’t go to waste.

A typical day is a green smoothie in the am, as many vegetables as I want throughout the day, salad for lunch, a juice as a snack when I want and soup for dinner.

That probably doesn’t sound like a lot of food to you, and it really isn’t compared to what I eat. But most people who do our cleanse are trying to kick start a diet, lose the last 5 or just detox their body.

I was looking to detox, after the past few weeks I was feeling like I said yes to all the food and was feeling pretty gross and woke up with a lot of stomach aches.

I would be lying if I told you it was easy, it was pretty hard for me the first few days. I think it was so challenging for me because I work in a health food store, I am around food all. day. long.

We don’t encourage our cleanser’s to eat too much fat while doing the cleanse, if their ultimate goal is to lose weight, but I added an avocado to just about every meal to feel satiated. I also snacked on some almonds during the day if I was desperate. But for the most part I ate A LOT of vegetables.

I wasn’t allowed to drink coffee, so I had yerba mate for caffeine but still needed the taste of coffee so I cheated and had a half a cup. I drink coffee black so I knew I wasn’t sabotaging my cleanse.

The first day two days of the cleanse were a bit of a challenge for me, I missed my typical turkey bacon snack mid morning. and getting to taste test new entrees and treats we are putting out.

However, I slept SOOOOO well. I don’t really have issues sleeping or falling asleep but within a second of my head hitting the pillow I was OUT. When my alarm went off at 5:00am I a woke feeling soo refreshed and awake.
I felt like I had more energy throughout the day. I also have a major sweet tooth and usually crave sweets everyday. I have not felt like I needed a sweet treat since cleansing. I’m sure if it presented itself I would want it but I don’t crave it like I used to.

I didn’t feel deprived while cleansing because I flipping love vegetables but towards the end I didn’t want to see a raw carrot and I got to actually chew my food. I don’t think I would be as successful on a cleanse if I just had to drink juices all day long.

The best part of the cleanse for me was not having to plan dinner or think about what I was going to have for lunch, everything was already made for me.

So now I can honestly recommend this cleanse to anyone who asks me about it, and I would and I am not just saying that because it brings me business and makes me some cash money..

Have you ever cleanse before?

Which would you prefer a raw foods cleanse or juice?

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  • I appreciate your honest opinion about the cleanse and the fact that you tried it since you sell it after all! I also am proud of you for focusing on how you felt during the cleanse and not on how your body looked or how it may have changed. A cleanse like this can be triggering and it sounds like it didn’t trigger you and it shows how far you have come! Very proud of you!
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    • thanks girl, I think my fear of doing it stemmed from worrying it would be a trigger but I am in a place where I knew I wasn’t going to let that happen and should it I would need to stop.