10 Tips for Surviving Summer BBQs

Over the weekend I gave a talk at the local Bar Method to chat about surviving ALL the food and drinks at barbecues this summer. The talk seemed to go over well with them so I wanted to share my list with all of you!

10 Tips for Surviving Summer BBQs

1.) Get sweating: odds are if you get a good sweat session in you will want to make healthy eating choices throughout the day. You can also allow yourself to indulge a bit without the guilt.
2.) Drink lots of water: you should have 2 glasses of water in between every alcoholic beverage. Or double fist water and a beverage.
3.) Eat your veggies: Load your plate up with salad and vegetables then get the other stuff. Worried that there wont be that many veggies at the party? Be the one who brings the veggie platter.
4.) Skip the Chips: dip veggies into guacamole, hummus, salsa and other dips. You will save a lot on calories and have room for the things you really want later.
5.) Be active while at the party: it is easy to sit around and eat at the party. Get up and get moving, take a walk around the neighborhood, chase some of the kids around, have a catch, play some corn hole.
6.) Bring healthier dips: see other hand out for some healthy dip options. I shared this recipe and this recipe with them.
7.) Plan your dessert: browse the dessert table early and plan what you are going to have. The dessert table can be so overwhelming at these bbqs so it’s a good idea to know what you are going to have and saves your from gorging later.
8.) All of this food you will get to have again: A lot of people go to BBQS with the mind set that they don’t eat this food often or won’t ever eat it again so they have to eat everything in sight. That is not the case, you will get the opportunity to eat any and all of this food again, so don’t feel the need to eat it all in one night.
9.) It’s not all about the food: its easy to forget that these gatherings are actually about being with family and friends and not food. Socialize and chat with the company around you.
10.) Don’t stress: if you go home feeling “thanksgiving full” that’s okay. The important thing is to remind yourself it was one night and to start the next day on the right foot. Workout, and make healthier eating choices.

How do you survive bbqs?

What is your favorite dish to bring to a bbq?

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