Fun Facts Friday

Happy Friday!! Hope you had a great week!

Jeff and I have a nice little date night planned for this evening so I am hoping this day goes by quickly, I feel like we see each other in passing these days so it will be nice to spend some qt time together.

I want this smoothie stat!

I feel like June is right around the corner and I am sort of freaking out! We have plans to put together our wedding invitations this weekend!

I am obsessed with bar classes! I just can’t get enough!

My boss and I are reading Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar and we are going to do a challenge at the store. I hope to do a full review of the book when I am done but I am learning so much!
iquit  sugar

I have a 10% discount code for these fab sunglasses for anyone interested! Use the code: lovenectar.

Life is pretty standard these days, have a great weekend!

What are you doing this weekend?

Have you ever heard of or read “I quit sugar?”

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