Taste testing Ironside Cabernet

When Cait asked me if Jeff and I wanted to sample one of 90+ Wine Cellars new wines, we simply could not say no!

Ironside recently hit the stores and since we are big cabernet drinkers happily took an excuse to enjoy a new to us wine.

As it was explained to me Ironside is meant to be geared more towards men. I could see why, the bottle was heavier then most and the label was simple yet appealing. For me the fancier or prettier the label the more likely I am to want to buy it.

Seeing that it was for the man in my life I decided to pair it with a nice manly meal! Steak, sweet potatoes and green beans. I am sure he would have preferred mashed white potatoes, but relationships are all about compromise ;).
wine and steak

Well this wine may be marketed towards men it is certainly made for man and woman! We both thoroughly enjoyed this wine and both said we would buy it again. We also thought it went great with our steak dinner.

I could attempt to describe the wine to you but instead I will tell you that it was good and let the description do it justice.

Hearty aromas of black cherries, plums and tobacco leaf with traces of fresh pepper and sweet spice. The wine is full-­‐bodied but focused, like a firm handshake that leads into a big hug. This is a Cab drinker’s kind of wine.

I couldn’t have said it better myself!

For those of you who were curious about the name, like I was.

Why did they name it Ironside?
We gave it the name Ironside as a way to recognize the resilience and romance of California’s reputation for making Cabernet. It also happens to be the singular form of the nickname of a legendary vessel of docked outside our window in Boston harbor. We admire things that are well built and long-lasting.

disclaimer: I received the aforementioned bottle free of charge. I was not compensated for this post and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

I really couldn’t recommend this wine enough!

Have you tasted Ironside yet?

What is your favorite kind of wine to drink?
I used to only drink Sauvignon Blanc, but became a red wine drinker after dating Jeff for a few months,

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  • Well i think you know champagne is my favorite…Tattinger to be exact but if you a looking for a crisp clean bubbly without the Tattinger price try Wilm. It was recommended to me by Mike at the Twisted Vine in Fairfield. Mike also recommended, Force of Nature, a great cabernet for our favorite cabernet enthusiast.