Bailey’s Backyard

I received the following food and drink free of charge, I was not compensated for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

A few days ago I got to check out Bailey’s Backyard thanks to Maria located in Ridgefield, CT. Like any true food blogger I stalked the menu prior to the event and could not wait to try the fresh farm to table food they boasted about.

The restaurant was small and intimate. The decor reminded me of a classy bbq!

We started things off with a beverage called “six toed cat” the name was inspired by an Earnest Hemingway story this beverage was dangerously good! It was housemade blueberry and mint infused rum, lime, fresh mint and ginger beer.
six toed cat

It was a good thing we only got samples of this, I could have drank it like water!

We were given some of the famous cornbread which was fabulous and they gave you a great brown butter sauce to drizzle over the top of it.

We then got to sample some appetizers, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the appetizers.

The first thing (others sampled) was “devils on horseback” which was bacon, armagnac plums and pears. I was told they were fabulous is you like bacon.
devils on horse back

After that we were given some chicken liver and grand marnier pate” with apricot mustard and thyme toast. This one was definitely not for me. A bunch of people at the table raved about it but I think you need to have a taste for liver, which I do not!
chicken liver

The last appetizer we were given was “goat cheese profiterole with aged balsamic,” crispy parmesan, sun dried tomato vinaigrette. This appetizer was soo good! It was light and the goat cheese tasted great on the profiterole.

After a few appetizers we were given another beverage to sample. “Don’t call me Shirley” was house made citrus vodka, fresh citrus juice and cointreau.
dont call me shirley
This drink was wayy strong for me and reminded me of these lime popsicles we used to get from trader joes.

We received a few sides, zucchini fries and tempura veggies, both were really good!


For the salad portion of the evening we got a “grilled asparagus salad” with frisee, prosciutto, black truffle hollandaise, shaved pecorion, herbed red wine vineagrette. The salad was really good but it had a little too much dressing on it and I didn’t see a purpose to the hollandaise sauce.

After the salad we got to sample another drink. I was soo looking forward to this beverage and want to go back to the restaurant just for this drink!

They call it the samuel clemens, it is ginger infused vodka, lemon, ginger, black pepper and club soda. This drink was soo good, I loved the ginger and the black pepper touch!

You would think at this point we had sample enough food but you are mistaken!

Next we got “Hawaiian ahi tuna poke” sesame oil, garlic, soy sauce, wakame, black sesame seeds. This was by far my favorite dish of the evening! The tuna was fresh and the flavor of the sauces were delicious, I would have ordered this as my main meal if I could have.

We were then given “foie gras with caramelized onion perogi,” this dish was certainly not for me. I know people at the table really enjoyed it but I am not a foie gras girl.
foie gras

The last dish I personally sampled was the “firecracker rock shrimp scampi,” hand cut linguine, diced shallots, roasted garlic, meyer lemon. I only tried a bit of this because I was stuffed and didnt want to eat all the gluten but the meyer lemon was a great addition to the dish. I think the shrimp would have been better if it wasn’t breaded though.

After this dish everyone got a pork dish that I passed on. Maria and I left after this course and missed out on dessert but it was getting late and we had our respective early morning wake up calls.

I so look forward to going back to this restaurant and trying more from the menu and obviously getting a samuel clemens!
What dish looks the best to you?

Which drink would you like to try the most?

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