What’s oil pulling all about

Since I abruptly said I was going to attempt oil pulling I wanted to discuss is in depth.

What is Oil Pulling?
Oil pulling is the practice of swishing oil in your mouth for 20 minutes. It is an Ayurvedic practice which says that oil pulling is capable of improving oral and systemic health.

What oil should you use?
Coconut oil is the best because it has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, & anti-inflammatory properties.

But you don’t like coconut oil!
I tried olive oil and I wanted to vomit after the fact. I tried the coconut oil and it wasn’t so bad. I didn’t swallow it so it was manageable. Don’t go and call me a convert or anything!

How to do it?
use 1 tsp to 1 tbs of coconut oil. I suggest using 1 tsp to start 20 minutes is a long time at first.
*donโ€™t spit the oil down the drain it could harden and clog your drain

What are the benefits?
Oil pulling helps eliminate
Headaches (and hangovers0
Acne, eczema and psoriasis
Whitens teeth
Strengthens teeth, gums and jaw
Prevents cavities and gingivitis
Helps you sleep better
Detoxifies your body
Joint Pain

Why I am doing it?
I am desperate to clear my skin and I am desperate to do it naturally so I figured why not give it a shot.
I am also looking to clear my sinus, this winter has been rough for me cold wise my nose has been running like crazy!
While I think I have pretty white teeth, who doesn’t want whiter teeth!?
We run a cleanse program at work where we ask our cleansers to do some self care things like take a bath, go to bed early and cut down on technology. I thought this might be a good activity for them to do but I wanted to give it a shot first.

When to do it?
When you are checking emails in the morning
Driving to work, errands, pick up the kids (driving is my favorite time to do it)
When you are doing chores

How is it going to far?
I have done it for 3 days and so far so good. The only change I have noticed so far is that my sinuses are clearing up. My nose was running all day everyday and now it is not which is fantastic!

What are your thoughts on oil pulling?

Will you try it?

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