Napa Part 3

Here is my last post about Napa! I wish I was headed on a plane back to Napa today, I want warm weather, family and all the wine!

In case you missed it you can see part 1 and part 2.

Sunday started a little later so I was able to wake up and enjoy a nice 5 mile run around our hotel and go into town. I hate to rub it in but it was fantastic to be able to run outside and in SHORTS!

After breakfast at the hotel we headed out for our first stop of the day which brought us to the Sterling Vineyard. WE took a tram ride up the the tasting and once we were at the top we got to go on a self guided tour whilst drinking wine.

After we walked around we took the time to soak up the view and some rays.


After relaxing for a bit we took the tram back down and headed to our next destination.

Stop number 2 of the day brought us to Castello di Amorosa. A beautiful castle!
with pigs!

We were able to walk around the castle before going down to the basement for our tasting. We had a great time at this tasting and we were all able to select our own 5 wines to sample.

After buying a decent amount of wine here we stopped for a quick lunch before going to our last vineyard of the trip.

Our last stop was Del Dotto. The place was beautiful and the tasting took place in a cave and we drank wine right from the barrels which we all thought was really cool! Some of the wines we tasted wont even be bottled for another few months!
del dotto


Jeff’s dads birthday was Sunday so we went out for a nice dinner that evening, I didn’t snap any pictures but the food was great!

On Monday we slowly made our way to the airport! We were all sad to leave the warm weather but all left with some nice bottles of wine to remember the trip by!

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