Napa Part 2

In case you missed part one of the trip you can find it here.

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early to go for a hot air balloon ride! None of us have ever been on a hot air balloon before so we were all pretty excited.


The hot air balloon ride was pretty fantastic and the views were amazing. We were able to watch the sun rise and we were the first balloon up so we got to watch all of the other balloons float up!




After the balloon ride we were treated to mimosas and a nice breakfast. We needed proper fuel to get us through the days activities.

Our first stop of the day was Peju.

Aside from loving the wine from here and buying a few bottles we loved our “guide.” Ricky was the name of our “guide” and he had no problem keeping us entertained, he had us all laughing and enjoying our wine tasting experience. He definitely set the bar high for our other guides to live up to. (you will only find this wine at the vineyard or online)

Our next stop was to V. Sattui.
This tasting was very different then our first. We were given a list of wines and all got to choose 5 that we wanted to try. Our “guide” didn’t give us too much attention or too much detail about the wines. We didn’t mind the lack of attention or information, after our other tasting we liked the laid back approach. This is another vineyard that you will only find the wine on site or online.

After a few wines our stomaches told us it was time for lunch. Jeff’s sister did a great job at picking out wineries for us to go to as well as food stops along the way.

We went to Gott’s Roadside
This place was packed! It was nice to be able to dine outside, the group got burgers and I got a chicken salad and sweet potato fries, the meal did not disappoint and can see why it was so packed.

Our last wine stop of the day was Robert Mondavi. I am sure my fellow wino’s have heard of this brand before. You can buy this at your liquor store. A few of the wines we tried you could only buy at the vineyard. For this vineyard it is important to make a reservation because you get to go on a tour of the facility and see where the wine is stored and after you have a tasting. It was nice to go on a tour to learn more about how wine is made.

After Robert Mondavi we called it a day and headed back to our hotel to freshen up for dinner.

Part 3 tomorrow :)

Have you ever been to a winery before? Where?

Have you had any of the wines mentioned above?

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