Napa part 1

On Friday morning Jeff and I woke up bright and early to head to the airport.

Sunday was Jeff’s dads 60th birthday and for his gift his mom planned a trip for all of us to go on together.

The best thing about the trip was that it was a surprise for Jeff’s dad! Until last Monday he didn’t know he was going on a vacation and until we got to our destination he didn’t know where he was going.

Jeff’s sister and boyfriend surprised his dad at the airport in Chicago. We surprised Jeff’s dad at the airport in San Francisco! The surprise was a huge success.

After the surprise we made our way to our hotel which was the cutest Best Western I have ever stayed at.
It was like a little cottage and they had quite the breakfast spread in the am. Every hotel should have complimentary breakfast, just sayin.

But if you ever make it to Napa I highly recommend the Best Western Elm House Inn.

After checking in we headed into town to grab a drink and check out Oxbow Market.IMG_2645



If I lived in the area I would be at Oxbow Market everyday. Or I would just open up a shop in the market. They had a little health food section where they made fresh juices and smoothies, plenty of dinning options (lots of gluten free choices) and drinking options.

After browsing the market we grabbed a drink and soaked up some glorious sunshine before finding a place to have dinner.

For dinner we went to Ca’ Momi they pride themselves on being “obsessively authentic Italian. My fellow friends who like to create their own dish when they go out to a restaurant might not have appreciated this restaurants rules for no changing the dishes. While you can take things away you weren’t allowed to add things to your dish.

Considering our pickiest eater (Jeff’s dad, he is a meat and potatoes kind of guy) was able to find something he liked showed that we had picked a good spot!

We all got a house salad to start the evening and we couldn’t stop talking about how fresh the salad was and how the dressing was perfectly distributed and not drowning the veggies.

Everyone got their respective pizza mine being a gluten free carmalized onion and cheese pizza. It was delicious and the gluten free pizza crust was one of the best ones I have had so far!

After dinner we were all ready to call it a night, we had a big day planned for the next day! Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow!

Have you ever been to Napa? Would you like to go?

Where is the best hotel you have ever stayed at?

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