Dinner at Craft 260

On Friday night Jeff and I went with a few friends to check out a new spot in town. Craft 260 is right down the street from us and it looked too cool to not check out.

Upon arrival our waiter greeted us and was super helpful answering all our questions and making recommendations. I really appreciate a waiter that knows the menu well and is able to offer recommendations.

To drink I got the Abbey Road: tito’s vodka, St. Germain, lemon and white wine. This drink was soo fabulous and soo me! I love vodka, lemons and wine! It was a strong one that’s for sure!

Jeff was dying to go to Craft for the house made bacon appetizer. CANDIED THICK CUT BACON: BROWN SUGAR, APPLEWOOD SMOKED BACON, SRIRACHA & ORANGE AIOLI

My friend Allison and I shared the BEER BRUSSELS: BEER SOAKED BRUSSEL SPROUTS, ROASTED GARLIC, GOAT CHEESE, SMOKED TOMATO & BOURBON KETCHUP. Oh my gosh these were amazing! I loved the goat cheese on them. The ketchup wasn’t necessary in my opinion but it was good.

We also shared the FRESH HANDMADE BURRATA: FRESH CREAM MOZZARELLA, SMOKED TOMATO RELISH, HERB INFUSED EXTRA VIRGIN, KALAMATA OLIVE, GRILLED ROASTED GARLIC BREAD. I loved the burrata and the kalamata olive spread. It was soo delicious. I thought the tomatoes were a tad too smokey and didn’t fit well with the dish, Allison agreed with me.

For my entree I went for the SALMON: CEDAR PLANK SALMON FILET, MUSTARD PANKO CRUST, ROASTED VEGETABLES, LEMON ROSEMARY QUINOA. I got it sans panko because the panko wasn’t gluten free. The salmon was cooked perfectly and the veggies that came with it were fantastic, I also enjoyed the quinoa but didn’t eat much of it because I was so focused on the fish and veggies.

Jeff got the GRILLED HANGER: 12-14 OZ MARINATED HANGAR STEAK, CRAFT FRIES, LEMON GARLIC GREEN BEANS. He liked his steak but wished it came with a demi glaze or a marinade on it. I tried a bite and agreed with him.

I highly recommend local people checking out Craft260 if not for food at least for one of their fantastic drinks!

Do you appreciate when waiters know the menu and know what they are talking about?

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  • My husband, son (7 month old) and I went Sunday to check it out! The place was cozy and nice! We didn’t order any food that night, but we plan on going back to try it sans baby. Everything looked great on their menu, I even got to try RYE 95 (beer) from Two Roads Brewing, I liked it!! You should go check out the brewing in Stratford whenever you can! It’s a great place to hang out, especially the summer time in the beer garden with food trucks around!! Awesome! 😉

    • Oh I am glad you got to check it out. I actually don’t like beer at all, I have tried to for years but I just can’t. I am also gluten free now so it wouldn’t really work out. But, I do want to go to Two Roads in the summer for the food trucks!

      • Oh right, didn’t even think about that, the gluten free part!! Duh! Well, I hope to run into you at the gym sometime soon!! I used to go in the AM but now with a baby, it’s pushed into the early afternoon! 😉

  • I completely appreciate when someone knows the menu! I often ask for recs and if a waiter cannot provide them it puts me off and makes me wonder why the restaurant is worth visiting if he or she doesn’t even know the menu. Sounds harsh but it’s true. This meal tho looks fab and is all so you down to that drink! Haha and Jeff’s food is so him too. I must admit that bacon looks todiefor.

  • Thanks for this review! I am gluten free and hoping I can find some things available. I’m surprised that you say you ate beer soaked Brussels sprouts. Was it gluten free beer?