Brunch at Oak and Almond

I received the following food and drink free of charge. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Oak and Almond is located in Norwalk CT. It is conveniently located right near my store :).

Upon walking into Oak and Almond I was immediately smitten, I loved the rustic atmosphere and homey feel you get. I felt like I was on vacation in Vermont, and grabbing a good meal after spending a day in the cold (the snow on the patio really helped this feeling).

oak 2

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I started things out with one of the cocktails. They had a very extensive books of cocktails, wines and beers.
I got the AGED HEMINGWAY DAQUIRI:diplomatico reserva exclusiva 12yr rum. luxardo maraschino. fresh grapefruit. lime juice

After everyone ordered their respective drinks they brought out a couple appetizers for the table to share. We were all allowed to order our own entree which I really enjoyed being able to do.

ARTISAN CHEESE BOARD: fig, apricot and raspberry fruit preserves, nuts, crostini and meats. I only had a bite or two of the cheese on this board, and ate a lot of the nuts. I also ate all the pickled carrots were amazing!!
meat and cheese

O+A MARGHERITA FLATBREAD: hamden burrata, tomato, calabrian chile. I actually didn’t sample this because of the gluten but it looked and smelt delicious!
flat bread

CHARRED OCTOPUS: guajillo squid ink sauce, potatoes, andouille, celery. Oh man I loved this dish! The octopus was delicious and the potatoes were a perfect accompaniment. I picked over the andouille but I am sure it was good.

PORK + RICOTTA MEATBALLS: spicy tomato sauce. I didn’t try these bad boys but they certainly looked and smelt delicious and they were given rave reviews by those who ate them!

For my entree I ordered the Kitchen Sink salad which changes on a daily basis. It had arugula, cheddar cheese, brussels, red onions and potatoes. I added some charred salmon which was phenomenal! I realy enjoyed my salad and left nothing behind. The salmon was cooked to perfection. kitchen sink

Everyone got something different off the menu, and they brought out a few things no one ordered. The pancakes weren’t something I would order or eat (re: all the gluten) but I sampled some of the apples off the top and they were fantastic, they must have been cooked in brown sugar because they had a little crunchy coating on the outside.

After everyone finished lunch they brought out two desert options for the table to sample. I will admit neither of them interested me enough to have more then a bite and neither of them left me wanting more.

The first was a piece of chocolate cake with olive oil gelato. The cake tasted like a melted dark chocolate bar and was so incredibly rich I couldn’t imagine having more then a bite. The olive oil gelato was unique but not something I would like to have again.
chocolate torte

They also brought a chocolate chip, walnut cookie with sea salt on top. I must admit I love chocolate and sea salt. If this cookie was gooier I probably would have said screw the gluten and enjoyed it but it was a little to hard for my liking.

I really loved everything about Oak and Almond, I think they make fabulous food and they have excellent cocktails! I cannot wait to go back and try their dinner menu sometime.

What would you like to try the most?

Have you gone out to brunch recently?
I can’t remember the last time I went to brunch.

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