Putting positive thoughts into the universe

A few days ago we had a little traumatic experience in our household. Brady ran away from the dog walker and was missing for a few hours. When the dog walker called to tell me the situation my mind immediately went to the “bad place.” My first thought was that he was going to get hit by a car. Fortunately the night ended with Jeff finding Brady walking around our usual walk.

The next day my boss gave me a lecture that I need to be more careful about what I put out into the universe. She said no matter what I should always think the best outcome rather then the worst.

Have you ever noticed that when bad things happen to people (myself included) they often say things like “that’s just my luck.” Well obviously that’s your luck because you never thought otherwise, from the beginning you expected the worst to happen.

I have decided to challenge myself to always think the best possible out come. I know it’s easier said then done so I really need to work on it. But I think it is important to always have a positive outlook rather then a negative one.


Do you automatically think the worst?

Will you join me in challenging yourself to think more positively?

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  • This really made me think. I think I usually do think the worst because I have this perverse belief that if I predict the worst, it won’t actually happen. That somehow, bad things happen when you least expect them, so if I expect it, it won’t be that bad. But I know that’s really flawed thinking and only creates more stress in my life. I’m going to do my best to pause the next time I start predicting the worst case scenario and see how I feel if I envision the positive instead. Thanks for this!
    Alexis @ funrunning4life recently posted..Prepare for the RandomMy Profile

    • I totally understand your thought process! I always tell myself if I think the worst then I will be prepared for it, or wont be disappointed but that just isn’t true! Positive, positive, positive!

  • I always have to remind myself of this, not to worry about something that hasn’t happened and that bad things happen but that it doesn’t mean life sucks, just that once in a while things don’t turn out as you expect. PS. I think I had magic positive thoughts last week as two times I sent positive energy into the universe and both times it came back with wonderful results!

    Lovely post my darling xx

    • And the things that don’t work out are because better things are meant to come along your way! Now you have to remember those two instances the next time you want to think negatively and challenge yourself to think positively.

  • oh i always assume the worst! i have this way of thinking that attempts to protect me from being disappointed so i expect the worst and set my expectations bottom level. but then that makes me stressed in the mean time. for example i assumed something would go wrong with my apartment and didn’t allow myself to believe it was mine until i 100000% knew it was. but i was stressing about it during that in between time and look at that, it turned out fine, so i didn’t even need to have been stressing. this is a great post! really makes me think and i’m sure others too..
    i had no idea that brady thing had happened. i’m SO glad he’s ok!
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    • oh yes I understand your thought process and used to think that way as well. I feel soo much better about things if I think positively! Well it happened the afternoon you got your new job, I didn’t want to take away from your exciting news!! And fortunately we found him!

    • ugh my family dog used to do it too! We always said he just took himself for a walk, fortunately we didn’t live in a busy area. Where we live now Brady crossed a really busy road where people drive like aholes.