In Flight Survival Guide: my “must haves”

It seems like everyone is going on vacation this time of year (insert jealous comment). Because of this I decided to pretend I was going on vacation and share my must haves for flying.

1.) Water bottle: I never leave my house without one. Its important to stay hydrated throughout the flight and I know the one round they make with drinks is never sufficient enough for me! Make sure it’s empty when you go through security!

2.) Books or a kindle (tablet of choice) full of books: I tend to do a lot of reading on the air plane so I make sure to have lots to read.

3.) Magazine: trashy magazines and fitness magazines are my go to! I usually enjoy Us Weekly and something like Shape, or Fitness Magazine.

4.) Headphones: So I can watch the inflight or movie, or if its an airline that offers individual tv’s, watch whatever movie or show I please.

5.) Ipod: So I can nap in peace, if I am able to fall asleep.

6.) Sweatshirt: It is always freezing on air planes in my opinion and you don’t always get blankets anymore, so I make sure to have something to keep me warm. I also pack socks if I wear flip flops on the airplane.

7.) Snacks: I always feel ravenous on flights. I make sure to pack plenty of healthy snacks like fruit, nuts, veggies and I may throw some swedish fish in my snack bag for good measure.

8.) Tissues: in case my ears won’t pop.
9.) Gum: to prevent my ears from getting clogged on the ascend and descend.

10.) Hand sanitizer: you never know what germs are floating around the plane.

What are your in-flight must haves?

Are you flying anywhere anytime soon?

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