New Years Resolutions I wish other people would make

I am really not one for New Years resolutions. January 1st is just like any other day to me. Being that I don’t make resolutions I decided to compile a list of resolutions I wish others would make.

1.) Take less gym selfies.

2.) Stop taking “progress pics.” I can assure you, no one can see the difference between your back muscles this week, from last week.

3.) Drive like you actually care about the safety of others and yourself.

4.) Complain less. (sure some days I could work on this one, but some people just really need to stop)

5.) Stop using social media as a journal to vent about your personal problems.

6.) Use less hash-tags. Also stop using #lategram, it really doesn’t matter when you took the picture and when you posted it.

7.) Stay off your phone when you’re with other people. (something myself included can work on)

8.) Text less, call more.

9.) Stop saying “we” played a good game when referring to a sports team you like. You didn’t play. (this is from Jeff)

10.) Stop posting ugly food pics.

11.) Stop posting pics of your heart rate monitor.

Do you make New Years resolutions?

What is a resolution you wish other people would make?

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