Bistro B Restaurant Review

I received the following food and drink free of charge in exchange for my honest review of the restaurant. I was not compensated for this post.

Upon arrival at Bistro B we were lucky enough to have the restaurant to ourselves. Our large group was able to snap a ton of pictures and take over the bar for some drinks and apps.


I started with a white wine recommended by Anatoli. It was a Pieropan- Soave Italy. It was citrus-y, light and refreshing!

While mingling we were served 3 small plates to try. I am sorry to say that all 3 plates were a huge miss.

House Cured Salmon- Star ANise Pickles, Horseradish Mustard Creme, Brown Bread.
cured salmon
I tried a bit of the salmon and the sauce, it really didn’t bring much to the table for me flavor wise. I was hoping to get a strong horseradish flavor in the sauce.

BLT Sliders- braised pork belly, roma tomato, iceberg lettuce, maple aoli.
blt sliders
I did not try these because of the pork belly but Jeff and Kim both said it was ok, they thought the dish was lacking flavor.

Our last starter was Chicken “lollipops”– house-made BBQ glaze, blue cheese dressing.
I was looking forward to trying these, but I was left disappointed again. The chicken was soo incredibly dry, I thought I was eating the bone by accident. I think maybe if they had more meat on them they would have been a little better.

After our starters we took our seats and served a salad. At this point I was starving so I was hoping I would finally get to try something good.

Lambs Lettuces– crispy artichokes, roasted garlic hummus.
lambs lettuce
This salad was a win in my book. I love putting hummus on a salad and the artichokes were cooked perfectly. I wish that my serving was larger because I just wanted to keep eating this.

After our salad we got to sample a few entrees.

Potato and Onion Encrusted Halibut– forest mushroom ragout, asparagus tips, truffle.
This dish smelt promising thanks to the truffle oil; however, this dish was nothing spectacular. My fish was dry and I found it to be lacking in flavor. Others enjoyed it but I could not figure out how. A few people had a perfectly cooked piece of fish so I sampled it and still thought it was flavorless.

Pork Schnitzel-
Cucumber salad, mustard honey pan roast.
Un-pictured because I didn’t get served one. Everyone said it was okay, nothing too special.

Roasted Hanger Steak– Pomme frites, roasted pears
hanger steak
Finally something good!! I only wish there was more of it because I was starving at this point! The sauce on the steak was delicious! The pears complimented the dish well and the steak was cooked perfectly!

Last meal was Chicken Fried Chicken– Crispy Amish Chicken Breast, black pepper gravy, cinnamon spiced baby carrots.
Another fantastic dish! Unfortunately this dish was brought to us to eat family style so I couldn’t lick my plate clean after eating the mashed potatoes. The chicken was cooked perfectly, the mashed potatoes were perfectly whipped and creamy and the carrots were delicious.

For dessert we each received our own plate of butterscotch pudding and flour-less chocolate cake.

The butterscotch pudding had a touch of sea salt that was a bit over powering at times. I solved the issue by eating my cake and pudding together. I thought the two complimented each other very nicely and would recommend that they serve the desserts together on the menu.

The staff and service at the restaurant was great! My dining experience at Bistro B wasn’t one that would make me want to go back. I would have been really disappointed if I paid full price for any of the starters and several of the entrees given to us. I think for the area the restaurant is in (Downtown Bridgeport) it is a little bit expensive. I know that people are trying to make Bridgeport up and coming but I also know plenty of authentic restaurant in Bridgeport that have fantastic food at affordable prices.

Have you ever been to a restaurant where the food wasn’t what you thought it was going to be?

Did you say/do anything about it?

Did you give it a second chance?

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