Post 154 Restaurant Review

I received the following food in drink free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion.

Last week myself and several bloggers got to try Post 154. Post 154 is located in Westport CT and took over an old post office. I must admit the ambiance and decor of this restaurant really got me. It sort of reminded me of an old train station with I giant clock in the center of the room.

We started the evening off with some cocktails and I went for the Strawberry moon-jito: onyx moonshine, simple syrup, mint, lime, strawberries and club soda. The drink was delicious and refreshing.

They brought us some nibbles to munch on while we were waiting.

I am huge fan of plaintains but found these to be a tad dry. The dipping sauce was delicious though.

Crab tater tots, these were good. I would have liked them to have a little more crab meat in them though.
crab tater tots

Portuguese Octopus: avocados red chile sauce and EVOO. I will admit im not one for octopus but I tried these and I was a huge fan. I thought the octopus and avocado went excellent together and the sauce was a perfect accompaniment and it was perfectly drizzled over everything.

Mussles: chorizo, shallots, roasted garlic, saffron wine. MM this dish had me at mussles. I could have drank the broth from this bowl.

Lobster Quesadilla: huitlacoche, queso chihuahua, salsa, avocado. I some how forgot to snap a picture of this dish and its a shame because this was one of my favorites. There was nice meaty pieces of lobster in the quesadilla. I could definitely see myself ordering this as my entree.

Duck Confit Taquitos:
Roasted tomato salsa, guacamole, cotija cheese. OMG there isn’t more I can say about this dish except that I loved it. I usually pass on the duck but the guacamole was calling to me and after Maria gave it rave reviews I knew I needed to try it.

St. Luis Ribs: Chile BBQ, liquid black beans, mango slaw. I did not try these but based on the fight everyone had to eat mine it sounded like they were a huge hit!

Eggplant Meatball Parmesan: tomato gravy, three cheeses, truffles, herbs. Ok seriously I could have licked this bowl clean. The meatballs were soo delicious and they literally tasted like they were meaty, but alas they were all made out of eggplant. I called my brother who is a vegetarian after this dinner and was like you have to have these and we have to try to make them sometime!
eggplant meatballs

Golden Corn Bisque: Grilled corn, creme fraiche, chives. Both Maria and I saw the menu for the evening and immedately said we probably wouldn’t care for the soup. While I love soup bisque’s are typically heavy on the cream and usually leave me with a stomach ache. Well, we were certainly mistaken about this one. The chef makes his own concentrated corn stock, there is no cream in this dish except for the ending dollop of creme fraiche. Much to my surprise I loved this soup.
corn bisque


Salmon: pickeled fennel, smoked tomato coulis, maple lime butter. This dish was a hit and a miss depending on who you asked at our end of the table. A few people said their salmon was over cooked. My salmon was cooked perfectly however I wasn’t into the smokiness of the smoked tomato coulis, I found the smoke to be VERY over powering and took away from the other flavors of the dish.

Scallop and Grits: Spinach, smoked ham jus, tabasco crisp. I was served a dish sans smoked ham jus and I was glad that I was. I enjoyed the creaminess of the grits and the scallop, most of us didn’t understand the point of the chip and I found it to be too spicy anyways. The main complaint of the people on our end of the table was the smoked ham jus made the grits really soupy. Our waitress even said that if people order that she recommends getting it without the jus.
scallop and grits

Guava BBQ Pork tenderloin and C.A.B Churrasco Steak
: black bean stew, onion mojo, cilantro. Argentinean chimichurri.
I just got a plate of the steak so I cannot tell you how the pork was but I can tell you that the steak was amazing, the chimichurri was fantastic! I was too full to eat more then a bite but I happily wrapped it up to enjoy the next night.

Along with that dish we got to sample 2 sides some grilled vegetable and a Cheesy Mac.
The veggies were delicious and I brought some home and re-purposed them into a frittata the next night for dinner.

I tried a bit of the cheesy mac and thought it was delicious. If I wasn’t so full I probably could have eaten a lot of it. We all were guessing what kind of cheese was in it and it turns out the chef only uses one cheese and it is a cabot cheddar cheese!

Last but not least!
Apple empanadas: red hot cinnamon dip, liquid cream cheese. I actually didn’t try these but they were given rave reviews by all.

Chocolate Flan
: almond florentine, tuaca fired oranges. I am usually not a flan person, I think the name kind of throws me, but I loved this dessert! It tasted like fudgy pudding! If I wasn’t so full and didn’t have to share with others I could have licked the plate clean!

Tres Leches: wild berry stew. This cake and the berries were soo good together.
tres leches

All in all my experience at Post 154 would certainly make me want to go back. Our waitress Nicole was soo great and she was very knowledgeable about the menu. She knew what she was talking about and she did an excellent job of explaining the dishes.

Out of all the dishes mentioned above which would you like to try the most? Which would you like to try the least?

Do you like flan?
The reason flan doesn’t settle well with me is that the name reminds me of phlegm, I know its totally irrational but it creeps me out for some reason.

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