Aladin Indian Bistro

I received the following food and drink free of charge. All thoughts and opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Unless you are looking for Aladin Indian Bistro you might drive right past it. I am so glad that I got the opportunity to try this fabulous restaurant because I can now sing its praise and recommend it to people who are looking for a good Indian restaurant. I think its also safe to say that it made a lot of people who “aren’t fans of Indian” turn into fans of Indian. Any restaurant that can sway Jeff’s opinion of food is a winner in my book.

Jeff and I were first to arrive of our group and I took the opportunity to snap some pictures of the bar and dining area.

dining area

After everyone arrived they brought us all a sampling of their new signature drink. A watermelon ginger mojito. This drink went back all too quickly for me.

After we sampled the drink Anatoli selected a red (gouguenheim malbec) and white wine (Saint M) to be shared at the table. I am usually not a fan of Riesling, I find it to be too sweet, but Anatoli chose it and he has yet to steer me wrong. I decided to give it a shot. I enjoyed it and found it to be the perfect balance. I stuck with that for the evening.

Then the food began to come out.

We started with tandoori which came with 3 dipping sauces; mint cilantro, brown tamarin and onion relish. My favorite was the mint cilantro.

Next we got spiced seabass pakoda with spice yogurt sauce. We could not get over how delicious these fritters were! We all kept raving about how light and fluffy the outside was, it tasted like it was wrapped in a pancake and it was not greasy at all.
seabass fitters

Next up Artichoke- Scallion Pakoda:roasted eggplant tamarind aioli. I was a big fan of this appetizer, it was very light. It would be good bar food, something you could easily eat a lot of without even realizing it.

The last appetizer we sampled was the chicken kebabs, we sampled mint basil, tandoori, tikka. All 3 were delicious, I was a big fan of the mint basil.

For the entree portion of the evening we were given the opportunity to select somethings from the menu to try and share amongst the group. I liked that we were able to do this because we were able to try thing that really stood out to us on the menu.

Bagar Dal: yellow lentil flavored with cumin, curry leaves, fresh garlic and dry chili. These lentils were delicious and even better when you dipped naan bread into them.

karari Bhindi: crispy okra with red onion, cilantro and green chilli. OH MY GOODNESS, this okra was soo amazing! Everyone at the table was raving about it and couldn’t help going back for 3rds or 4ths of it!

Rogan Josh: goat tomato curry with a hint of yogurt. I wasn’t really into this dish, but once they brought it out Jeff made me try a bite of it and I didn’t hate it. The sauce really is what made this dish for me.

This next dish really knocked my socks off. Kadai Paneer: stir-fried cottage cheese with onions, bell peppers and sun-dried tomatoes. Ugh just looking at this picture makes me wish I had it in front of me right now! I cannot tell you how good this was. The ball were delicious but the sauce, I literally said out loud that I wanted to pour it in a cup and just drink it. It was so rich and creamy.

Signature lamb dampak: tender lamb cubes cooked in a sealed copper vessel. Several people at the table were looking forward to trying this dish. It came covered in dough and when they put it on the table the waiter cut it open. I did not sample this dish but heard oo’s and aah’s about the lamb and its respective sauce.

We got to sample more kebabs the tandoori salmon: wild salmon with a yogurt marinade. I honestly didn’t think an Indian restaurant would be the place to get salmon, but this salmon was amazing, it was cooked soo perfectly it melted in my mouth.
Chicken and mint-basil: fresh mint basil marinade, again just as delicious as when we had it in the appetizer round.
Tandoori shrimp: this was a bit spicy for me but good none the less.

Another much awaited dish by many at the table was the duck chettinad:tandoori grilled masala crusted duck breast, spicy peppercorn-coconut sauce, tamarind and curry leaf. I did not try this dish but a lot of people thought that the duck was over cooked. They all still enjoyed the sauce.

The dish I was most excited about was the saag: spinach greens with onions, mildly spiced and flavored with fenugreek. I love, love, love saag it is my go to when we order Indian. This sagg was delicious, it was rich, creamy and full of flavor. I was lucky enough to get to take the leftovers home with me and have the next day.

Lastly we sample the bengali fish curry: lighlty curried fish with tomato and eggplant. This dish was a miss for a lot of us. We all thought the fish tasted slimy.

For dessert we were given an Indian rice pudding. I gave it a taste but I passed on eating more of it. It wasn’t really my thing, had it been chocolate I probably would have been singing a different tune.
rice pudding

I am thankful this restaurant isn’t too far from Jeff’s office because we both left saying that we can’t wait to order take out from there very soon!

Do you like Indian food?

If you could have anything from the above list what would you choose?

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