Mama’s Boy

I received the following food and drinks free of charge in exchange for an honest and truthful review of the restaurant. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Tuesday night Jeff and I along with some other local bloggers (Jen, Bonnie, Valerie, Denise and Jay, Cristina and Jeff, Anatoli and Victoria) got to enjoy the wonderful food and hospitality of Greer (restaurant owner) and her fabulous family of staff at Mama’s Boy.
mamas boy

The ambiance of Mama’s Boy is that of southern charm, with dim lighting and wooden seating the cozy setting welcome’s you with open arms. As if to say come have a drink and stay a while.

Greer took a few of us on the grand tour of the restaurant and you can really tell this is her baby. She and her fabulous staff built it from the ground up. The wood came from an old Water Tower which came from South Carolina, the tables and chairs are house made and any one of her staff can fix in a pinch.

Upon entering the restaurant we were greeted and ushered straight to the bar.

I had done a bit of menu stalking prior to the event and immediately knew my first drink of choice would be the “Watermelon Mint Vodkarita” which had salty watermelon vodka, mint, like and muddled watermelon. It warmed my little heart and left me longing for summer!

Jeff went for the pumpking beer they had on tap.

After a bit of mingling we were seated. Jeff and I sat with Denise and Jay, Denise is the voice behind deecuisine and her husband helps with the photography side. The 4 of us had a blast throughout the evening and definitely shared a lot of laughs.

As soon as we were seated the food started rolling out.

We started things off with Redneck Edemame which is Georgia peanuts boiled in their house spice blend. These peanuts were killer, the legitimately tasted like edemame. I could have eaten the whole bucket.

Deviled Eggs where also brought out. The filling was tossed with house smoked tasso so I skipped the egg but enjoyed the pickled okra on the side of the plate. Jeff has never tried deviled eggs until now and he enjoyed these a lot but I think it is thanks to the pork inside.

At Anatoli’s suggestion I ordered a glass of the Gruner Veltliner a German white. This was a nice earthy white that I really enjoyed. When dining with Anatoli I will forever consult him before making a wine selection.

*love that they put the jug of water next to me too, they must have known I was water lover*

We were also served house made corn bread muffins with honey butter and pepper jam. Both the butter and jam were amazing, as were the corn bread muffins. I could have made a meal on these alone. But I knew better seeing that we had a TON of food to follow.
corn bread

Next up were Chicken Skins which were fried and served with a jalapeno garlic honey and pickled beets. I will admit it, it was good. But they wouldn’t be something I would order, I felt guilty eating fried chicken skin when most of the time we throw away the chicken skin.
chicken skins

Charleston Crab cakeswere served over creamed corn, house smoked bacon, red pepper and green onion. This crab cake was fantastic, I think it was one of the best crab cakes I have ever had and the creamed corn went along nicely with it. The flavors were amazing. (I am sure I accidentally ate bacon during this but it was too good to be mad about)
crab cake

Low- Country Bouillabaisse– grouper, white shrimp, mussels. house-smoked andouille, baby corn, potato, shrimp broth. This was by far my favorite dish. At first I said that about the crab cakes but quickly changed my mind after getting a taste of the grouper, shrimp and mussels and after soaking up the broth with some corn bread muffins. I would easily order this as my main meal.

BLT Salads
came out next, fried green tomatoes, candied bacon, artisan lettuce, buttermilk herb dressing. I happily passed my bacon off to Jeff and he happily accepted. He raved about the bacon and thought it was the best bacon he ever had. While I am not much of a dressing person I did enjoy this particular dressing and would love to dip some carrots in it.
blt salad

Another favorite of mine were the Shrimp and Grits white shrimp, fall’s mill grits, house-smoked tasso, spring onion, pimento cream gravy. Another dish that was easy to navigate around the pork and pass off to Jeff. I will admit the pork left a really nice smokey flavor on the grits and the shrimp was cooked perfectly. I didn’t realize how much I liked grits until this dish, it isn’t something I have had often but something I would love to bring into my life more.
shrimp and grits

At this point we all were stuffed and couldn’t believe we had 3 more dishes to try!

The Little Yardbird was a dish I kept saying I was looking forward to try from the beginning. I always hear people talk about chicken and waffles but I had never tried it. We were served a marinated country fried game hen, on top of a corn bread waffle (all this corn bread makes my gluten free heart happy), braised collard greens, Brookside farm’s maple syrup and habanero jelly. The corn bread waffle and spicy jelly really made this dish. I loved the spicy, sweet convo that was going on.
chicken and waffle

I should also mention our waitress Nicole (who was so fabulous, you could just tell she loved working there) had asked if anyone wanted to try one of their house made hot sauces called tire fired. Jeff, like me chooses to steer clear of spicy things said “I would love to try it.” So she brought out the sauce and some corn bread and he took a spoonful and smeared it on his corn bread and popped it in his mouth, only to then realize how spicy it really was. So spicy in fact they had to bring him a glass of milk.
jeff and his milk

Jeff must have been feeling adventurous because he also ordered a mixed drink which he never does and it was a blood orange jalapeno margarita none the less.
Last dish but not least was a pork shank for everyone and grouper for me.

The pork lovers got a Crispy Pork Shank; sea island pea maque choux, herb infused braising liquid. Everyone was soo full they were only able to have a few bites. The conscientious at our table was it was fatty but they said that’s what some people would come here and hope to get.

I was served a lovely piece of grouper which was bone seed crusted served with brocolini a bourbon cream sauce over hopin john (which is a southern style rice, I didn’t eat the rice because it has pork pieces in it) the grouper was soo delicious it was cooked perfectly and I only wish I had more room in my stomach to eat it all.

As if we didn’t have enough to eat we were served 3 pieces of homemade cake. Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and a hazelnut spice cake with chocolate ganache and a brown sugar butter cream. The spice cake stole the show and I told Jeff that should be our wedding cake.
And after a few bites of the cake I needed to be rolled home!

We had an absolute fantastic time at Mama’s Boy and would highly recommend the restaurant to anyone looking for good food, good cocktails and good hospitality.

Have you ever had southern cuisine before?

Out of all the dishes mentioned above which would you like to try the most? Or least?

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