Being Gluten free

I recently decided to go gluten free, gasp! I know what am I thinking.

gluten free
You might be asking yourself why I decided to try this and I will tell you just that.

For YEARS I have experience really bad stomach aches. Ones in which my stomach gets so bloated its extremely uncomfortable, I am ALWAYS tired and I have chicken skin (I forget the medical term for this but its when you have raised bumps on the back of your arms).

I found this article about 10 signs you might be gluten intolerant. Most of these rang true to me so I figured I should give it a go. I really had nothing to lose.

I have tried a dairy free diet, didn’t change much and I stay away from soy products as much as possible.

So a gluten free diet seemed like something worth trying.

I found a list ofwhat you can and can’t eat and hung it on the refrigerator.

It has been a little over 4 weeks since I decided to go gluten free and I feel soo much better! I have more energy and I don’t have those awful stomach aches I used to get (I actually have one now because I ate gluten last night)

Trader Joe’s makes it super easy to be gluten free. They have plenty of gluten free pastas, breads, sauces and snacks to choose from.

I have tried several gluten free products such as brown rice tortillas, while they are good they break super easy, I found out the hard way when attempting to make enchiladas.

I have had brown rice pasta which I enjoy and think it taste just like whole wheat pasta.

I have had gluten free pizza from out beloved fire engine pizza co. it was good.

I am now a huge fan of buckwheat pancakes.

Udi’s gluten free bread is pretty darn good. (its expensive so this is a special occasion thing)

Barbaras puffins multigrain cereal is my favorite.

Lindsay had an excellent posted yesterday on the basics of gluten free living.

I will continue to follow a gluten free diet because it makes me feel so much better, however I will most likely have days when I slip. I have been given the privileged of experiencing some great restaurants and would hate to miss out on the experience. I just go in with the mind set that my stomach may revolt against me the next day, but it was worth it!

Are you gluten free?

Have you ever tried being gluten free or dairy free?

Do you think you could go gluten free?

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  • Glad it has been working out for you! I’ve been trying gluten free sort of on and off, trying to figure out if it’s a cause of stomach issues. I hated those TJ’s brown rice tortillas until I figured out they soften up if you microwave them or put them on a hot pan for a few minutes (not sure if they would continue to hold up in something like enchiladas though!).

  • i am so glad that you have found a way to ease your stomach pains! and i’m also happy to hear that you are allowing yourself to have gluten sometimes at those fun restaurants/events because you’re right sometimes the stomach pain is worth it to not miss out! will you be having gluten tomorrow night? 😛
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  • I have been on a GF diet for about 5 months, my doctor reccommened it due to my stomache issues and I have never felt better! At first it was tough and all I focused on was what I couldn’t eat, but after a few weeks my stomache aches and bloating went away! Now I focus on foods that I can eat and that make me feel better, GF foods have also come along way, it’s so easy to find GF bread, pizza crusts, muffins at the grocery store. I’m glad to hear that your stomache aches have gone away and that you have more energy! Welcome to the GF life!

    • haha thank you! Yes when I first started I immediately looked for the things I could eat. I knew I would fail if I just thought about all the things I couldn’t eat. I am also not a huge bread or pasta person so it wasn’t too difficult. There is a mac and cheese recipe that is a weekly staple in our household and luckily the change to brown rice pasta was an easy one. The really have a lot of gf options out there!

  • Ahhh I had no idea chicken skin (keratosis pilaris btw) was associted with gluten intolerance! I’ve been GF for a while now and while my chicken skin (ridiculous term lol) hasn’t gotten better I have noticed and improvement in my stomach issues and energy levels. Plus Udis everything is amazing so I don’t really notice :)
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