2013 Greenwich Wine and Food Festival Recap

Jeff and I had soo much fun at the event this weekend.

Upon entering I was greeted by Shelley, the lovely lady who invited me to the event. She handed me and Jeff our press passes and told us to grab a bag and glasses.
bag and glass

She suggested to take it slow, share dishes and have fun. I think we did all of the above.

After checking in we headed over to the CTbites blogger tent. They had set up several Q&A sessions with some chefs that were going to be there and we arrived right at the tail end of Duff Goldman from Charm City Cakes.

After Duff was a personal favorite of mine Graham Elliot better known from his role as a judge on Master Chef. You might not recognize him at first because he has lost about 100 lbs!

graham elliot

me and graham

Graham Elliot has been banned from yelp several times because he likes to challenge negative reviewers. He also thinks green peppers are a pointless ingredient and I would have to agree, they bring nothing to the table!

After snapping a pic with Graham we made our way into the tent, Jeff, Maria and I were ready to get our feast on.


*I will not be posting everything I ate, because I did not take pictures of everything I was too busy enjoying myself and double fisting food and beverages to keep track. I cannot for the life of me remember some of the booths that the food came from, the ones that I do I will certainly share with you.

We made a be-line for any food we could find. We stumbled upon a shrimp cocktail dish at Fly the Whale. The shrimp sat atop a ricotta cheese and cocktail sauce mixture that was really delicious!

I also grabbed a drink at this table but immediately regretted it after one sip, the drink was really strong and just not as tasty as I thought it would be

After that drink fail I munched on some other things along the way. I grabbed some tuna that was pretty good, but not as rare as I would have liked.


I did find a delicious crab cake though!
crab cake

I found a Mexican booth with some chips and fabulous guac and sangria, the sangria was not that great and before getting a chance to ditch it I found a bloody mary shot I needed to try and then immediately regretted because it was super spicy thanks to a black pepper rim.
bloody mary

bloody mary

The Ritz-Carlton served up some delicious Salmon Skewers, so good in fact I later went back for another one!

Maria and I spotted the Spike Seltzer from a mile away and being the seltzer lover that I am new I would love it.
spiked seltzer

It was delicious and I could see it being dangerous because it obviously tasted just like seltzer and you have no idea it has alcohol in it.

Another notable dish was these cheesy shaved Brussels. Maria wasn’t a fan of them but I loved ALL THE CHEESE.

After the brussels we stumbled upon Todd mixing up 2 delicious beverages using Harvest American Organic Vodka. Todd let me sample the vodka straight and it was soo much smoother then other vodkas. The drinks of the day were Farmers Market Cinnamon Citrus Smash: American harvest, cinnamon syrup, lemon juice, apple cider and leaves (brown drink) and Farmers Market Ginger Grape Smash: American harvest, concord grape juice, ginger syrup, mint leaves (purple drink)
organic vodka

Triple fisting
me and maria

Don’t worry I shared the beverages with Jeff who isn’t a mixed drink guy and enjoyed these.

We browsed around some more, I tried a fabulous kale salad with beets and I am usually not one for beets

We tried some Aunt Sassy’s Sauce covered pecans which were sooo good, I ended up buying a bottle of the cracked pepper slightly naughty sauce. We like to make bbq pulled chicken in the crock pot and thought this would be an excellent sauce. I also really want to recreate those pecans.

Also a notable beverage we tried were the Adult S’mores, this drink was delicious and would be tasty in coffee.
adult smores

Around 4:00 a BBQ tent opened up where they had several booths set up Plan B, Dinosaur BBQ, NOLA, and Preppy Pig BBQ

preppy pig

While in the tent I snagged a burger from Plan B and also some shrimp and grits from Nola
shrimp and grits

Jeff and Maria were in their for the pulled pork from Dinosaur BBQ, they both gave it rave reviews.

At this point I was full and tired and ready to call it a day.

On our way out we stopped by the blogger tent and watched Adam Patrick the bartender at Walrus and Carpenter talk about making drinks and then he did a little demo for us.

One thing I was really impressed with were the giant coolers filled with water bottles and sodas for people to grab as needed. As a big water drinker I was very impressed by this and was glad I could help myself to several water bottles throughout the day.

One thing that we wished there were more of, garbage cans. More often then not we were wanting to try something else but didn’t have the hands to do so because we couldn’t find a trash can to through our garbage away in.

If you ever get the opportunity to go to a food and wine festival I highly recommend it, they are a ton of fun and I can only hope we get to attend next year.

Of all the things I mentioned what would you most want to try?

What would you least want to try?

What celebrity chef would you life to meet?

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