Hogsback Half Marathon

Well another weekend over.

On Saturday I ran my 4th half marathon and 2nd of this year. I ran it with my running buddy who is a speed demon and is running the Hartford Marathon in 2 weeks.

The race took place in Colebrook CT, aka a place we were unfamiliar with. The area reminded us of the country side.

The view from the port-o-potty

The race was supposed to start at 9am, but they waited about 15 minutes to let people finish visiting the port-o-potties. Jamie and I lined up right at front. The race was an out and back sort of course. The race started on a decline, for a good 3-4 miles until it was flat for a bit.

I wish I could take pictures while I run because the scenery was beautiful!! The trees were so pretty and we ran along a river for a while.

I felt so good and soo strong during this race. I unfortunately had to stop and tie my shoe before I reached mile 1, but it didn’t slow me down and I clocked my first mile in around 6:08. I saw that and new I needed to slow it down a bit, going down hill always makes me cruise right along. For the rest of the race I tried to keep my miles between 7-8 minutes. Around mile 4 I had to stop and tie my other shoe (note to self: tie shoes in a double knot next time).

Random observation: I ran past a house who had 3 goats and a dog hanging out in the front yard.

My IT band started to bother me around mile 10, which has been the theme lately but I was determined to finish strong. Until I hit mile 11 and realized I was going up a hill, the hill continues for about a mile and a half and I cursed the person who made this course the entire way up. I thought I had it in me to make it to the finish around 1:42/1:43 but that hill really did a number on me!

end of race
I ended up coming in with a 1:46:28 and I didn’t realize it was a pr until I was writing this post and looked back on my past races to find my fastest time was a 1:48:33. My average pace was 8:07 and I came in 72 out of 384.

My friend Jamie came in first in our age group and I came in 3rd!

I was so pumped I did because not only did I get my pig medal but also a mug and a cookie!


All and all I enjoyed the race until the end. Mostly because I felt really good, the weather was so nice, there were a few moments in the race when I strongly regretted wearing a long sleeve shirt. I am glad I did the race but given that hill at the end, I am not sure I would do it again.

Did you race this weekend?

Do you prefer to run down a hill or up a hill?
Down hill for sure!

Did you spend time outside this weekend?


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