What’s in my makeup bag?

I pride myself on being a minimalist. That it takes me 2.5 seconds to do my makeup and run a brush through my hair. Sometimes I wish I cared more, but I just don’t. I tend to look like a normal human being in the winter time because I actually waste the 10 minutes it takes to blow dry my hair just because I hate being cold. (re: I hate blow drying my hair and I won’t let my hair dresser ever do it. I think it takes forever and for some reason it makes me anxious).

Although it only takes me a short amount of time to get ready I still have my go to products that I wanted to share with you.

Since working for Arbonne I have been trying to phase in their products. I usually wait until I finish what I am currently using before doing so. I honestly feel better about what I am putting on my skin when using Arbonne products.

Night time skin care routine: Arbonne clear advantage skin line– this is the acne line and I am a fan. Like any new routine it made my skin worse before it got better but things are looking up these days.

Face lotion: Clean and Clear dual action moisturizer

Primer: Arbonne– I never used primer until Arbonne and I am freaking obsessed. This primer makes my skin sooo soft.

Under eye concealer: Benefit Erase Paste– this is a miracle worker for under eye circles. I wish I knew about this stuff when I was a swimmer.

Mascara: It’s a long story – legit the best mascara I have ever used. I usually by the $5 one at cvs, the one that is pink and green. But this is soo much better!

Bronzer: Physicians formula. I will be honest, I usually grab whatever is on sale at CVS. Bronzer usually lasts me a very long time.

Pimple cover up: Bobbi Brown Face touch up stick– I use this to hide my pimples. It’s my miracle worker.

On days I don’t wash my hair which is often I use PSSSSST leave in Shampoo which is the best leave in Shampoo (I have tried a bunch). I also use baby powder to reduce its greasiness look.

What do you use on your skin?

What is your favorite mascara?

Are you a minimalist when it comes to makeup and getting ready?

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