Foods that have meaning

We all have those foods that bring back memories, foods that make us think of a certain someone or time of year.

The post was sparked by a conversation with Cait when she asked me if I liked cinnamon buns and I said no because the have sentimental meaning to me. My grandpa used to make KILLER cinnamon buns and I would never have any other kind. To this day I wont eat cinnamon buns because no one could make them like my grandpa did. I wish I knew his recipe so I could attempt them, but I just know they wouldn’t be the same to me.

Other foods that have meaning:

Maple and Brown Sugar Oatmeal: another grandpa favorite of mine. Whenever I visited my grandparents my grandpa always made oatmeal and I of course always wanted to have it. Honestly, I don’t know what his secret was but he made the BEST oatmeal. I have made many attempts to replicate this but haven’t had much success.

Chocolate Chip Cookies
: my grandma makes the best chocolate chip cookies, I am pretty sure she just follows the recipe on the bag of chocolate chips but there is just something about her chocolate chip cookies that make them a million times better.

Cranberry Apple Crisp: Reminds me of Thanksgiving and Christmas. My mom claims she started this tradition at our Thanksgiving celebration. Somehow it became one of my aunts things to make and then my cousins and I took over because I am pretty sure the 3 (I’m looking at you Megan and Meredith) of us girls could eat a whole one to ourselves.

Toad in the whole (egg in the center of bread): Christmas morning, my mom always makes them.

The famous chocolate birthday cake: Aside from being the infamous birthday cake. It makes me think of the chocolate cake in Matilda.

Rusks: I lived off of these things in South Africa. My mom bought me a few boxes for Christmas and it made me wish I was back in South Africa.

Mulled Apple Cider: While I am not an apple juice or cold apple cider drinker. Warm apple cider reminds me of Fall and Halloween. Every Halloween my mom would make mulled cider for me and my friends to drink when we got back from Trick or Treating.

No Bake Cookies: These cookies remind me of college. I was introduced to these cookies my freshman year and fell in love. My friend Shannon and I would stalk the dessert counter for them everyday and every time they had the cookies we would steal a bunch to save for later.

What are some food you eat that have meaning?

Are there any foods you wont eat because of the memories, or foods you only eat at a certain time of year?

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