Marvelous Monday: Engagement party

I am seriously dragging today! I could use an IV of coffee right about now. What better way to start out this week then with a marvelous Monday!

Seriously, this weekend was wonderful. I truly have the best friends in the whole wide world and had the best time spending Saturday evening with all of them. My friend Lindsay (MOH) hosted the engagement party at her house! Joe (Jeff’s best man) and Lindsay did a great job!

Thankfully Cait snagged a picture of the bar and snack table. I knew I kept her around for a reason 😉



jeff and friends


me and maja


I should mention Cait got us very appropriate gifts. A popcorn maker for Jeff and pig things for me :)
gifts from cait

I went to bed feeling so lucky to have such great people in my life. Even though we all live relatively close Life gets so crazy sometimes and its rare that we can all get together so I was so it was so nice to all get together!

How was your weekend?

How often do all of your friends get together?

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