Boston and Cape Cod

Our mini-vacation started Friday evening after we packed up the car and headed to Walpole Ma. to spend the evening with Jeff’s aunt.

We stayed with Jeff’s moms sister, seeing that it was the first time that I met her it was nice to spend sometime with her.

After a very good nights sleep Jeff and I headed into Boston to spend the day with Lindsay.

We couldn’t have asked for a better day! The sun was shining, there was a nice breeze going and the temperature was perfect for walking ALL around Boston. Also, perfect for some day drinking.

Of course as soon as we got into the city I had to make my way to my favorite coffee shop The Thinking Cup. I got an ice coffee and some of their house blend beans to brew my own coffee at home (I happen to be enjoying a cup while I type this post).
thinking cup

We walked all along the water, gawked at apartments and yachts we could never afford. Once we finally made it to Legal Seafood, we found a spot on their rooftop bar and shared a pitcher of white sangria.
me and Lindsay
After spending a few hours there we continued to walk back into Boston. We found ourselves at another location called Dillion’s where we got another drink and some snacks, because in Boston you can only drink outside if you are going to be eating something.

After spending sometime at Dillion’s we decided to stop into the hotel that Jeff and I were staying at to laydown and change before heading out for dinner. I forget the name of the restaurant we ate dinner at. The food was pretty good. After dinner Jeff wouldn’t let Lindsay and I call it a night yet so the three of us headed to Jillians where we played a round of bowling. AND then called it a night!

Thee next morning Jeff and I headed to the Cape. Where we met up with Jeff’s dad and I got to meet most of his side of the family!
jeff and dad

me and Jeff
(the name tags were from another party we went to. Although it would have been helpful if Jeff’s family put on name tags).

Our vacation was great, it went by way too fast and I wish I was still on the beach rather then sitting in my desk chair.

How was your weekend?

Where is your favorite coffee shop?

Is their a certain place you must go when you visit somewhere?

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