The White Dress By The Shore

On Saturday my mom and my friend and bridesmaid Maja went to The White Dress By The Shore located in Clinton, CT. Prior to going I had made an appointment. When I made the appointment the lady on the phone asked my what style I was interested in and what my budget was.

The store was in a cute house turned store.

The atmosphere was warm and welcoming
TWD inside store

Upon arrival we were asked if we wanted anything to drink. We were brought up to our room and received our water in champagne glasses. After getting our beverages our consultant Devon introduced herself and took us down to pull some dresses. She took us over to a section that had dresses she thought I would be interested in based on what I had told her I was looking for.

Unlike Kleinfeld she was very conscious of the budget I had given her. Any dress we said “ooh I like this” she would say “I think that one might be out of your budget.” After our overwhelming experience at Kleinfeld and being put in several dresses WAY out of said budget we really appreciated her honoring the budget we had given her.

After pulling a few dresses we went back to the room and got to trying them on. I tried on about 4 or 5 before putting on “my dress.” Based on the dress I found at Kleinfeld I knew what I was looking for and while all the dress I tried on were beautiful the last dress was what I was looking for.

Of course I said that I wanted the dress I was standing in but it was price tag-less which made me worried for a few minutes. Devon went and checked the price and came back with very good news! I think I surprised her when she said ok so do we want to try on more and I said nope this is it. She immediately asked if we wanted some champagne to celebrate.

After toasting and spending a few more minutes in the dress I unfortunately had to change. I am looking forward to 5 months from now when I get to put it on again for my first fitting!

While the experience at Kleinfeld was fun, I would recommend to anyone wedding dress shopping to go to a small boutique. The atmosphere is more comfortable and no one is pressuring you into a getting a certain dress or making you feel like you need to make a decision that day.

Our day at The White Dress By The Shore was certainly a success and I would highly recommend that store to anyone in the area!

Do you find sales people to be a bit overwhelming sometimes?

Where have you had the best shopping experience/ where have you had the worst?

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