Wedding Planning Updates

I will be honest with you wedding planning has it up and down moments. Moments of oh my gosh this is so fun and then moments of holy crap let’s just go elope this is so freaking stressful. Luckily the oh my gosh this is so fun moments out weight the stressful ones.

Luckily one of my best friends is getting married a few months before me so we get to do planning things together and call each other for assistance!

We have gotten some big things checked off our list, thankfully! So I wanted to share with you those things and who we have chosen, in case local readers are getting married/engaged soon and want some tips. Or if people just are curious, like I would be.

Ceremony/Reception- Wadsworth Mansion
Caterer- Grand Gourmet
Bartenders- Two Pour Guys
DJ- Light, Camera, DJs
Photographer- TBM Photography

Now that all that stuff is taking care of all the fun stuff in between can happen. Like parties and getting crafty!

Things I am looking forward to this month wedding wise is:
More dress shopping this weekend. fingers crossed I find something
Engagement photo shoot
Our engagement party
Being able to say a year from today we will be getting married!

Got any weddings this year you will be attending?

Any recommendations about anything at all?

If you are married where was your wedding held? If not where would you like it to be?

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