A day at Kleinfeld

Yesterday I did one of the most stressful/nerve wracking/exciting things of wedding planning thus far. I went dress shopping at Kleinfeld.

Prior to this dress shopping experience I had been once to a local shop with my mom where I tried on about 4 dresses.

The day started training into the city with Lindsay (MOH) my mom and family friend Charlotte.


We met up with 2 of my other bridesmaids (Maja and Laura) once we got into the city. Missing from my bridal party is my friend Allison and Jeff’s sister Kim.

Prior to dress shopping we had lunch and drinks at Cafeteria. The restaurant was super cute and the food and drinks were delicious. My drink was extra strong, perfect to get the pre-dress shopping jitters down.

Passion Fruit Caipirinha: Leblon Cachaca, Passionfruit, Edible Flower

After lunch we walked to

You aren’t allowed to take pictures of the dresses but pics of Randy and my bridesmads were snuck.
Randy in action. They were filming an episode of Say Yes to The Dress. They had a VERY tall basketball player on the show.


I can’t even tell you how many dresses I tried on. I would pull some of them up say no and immediately change into the next one. I only showed a handful to my bridesmaids out in the “waiting room” on the pedestal but there were so many in between. I went in thinking that I knew what I wanted but it quickly turned out that wasn’t the case at all.

I came in with a list of dresses that I wanted to try from the website, but after trying on a few of them the list was quickly trashed and we shift gears towards what I realized I was really looking for.

The whole experience was pretty surreal and overwhelming. I did find “the dress” I am looking for but I did not find it for a price that I liked. I am excited to continue looking and to take a road trip to Boston to go to Vows.

Have you ever gone wedding dress shopping? How was your experience?

Have you gone with a friend wedding dress shopping?

Do you watch wedding shows?
Say yes to the dress and I found the gown are my favorites

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