Valencia Luncheria

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Several months ago while watching Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. Valencia Luncheria came up the the show. The restaurant is located a couple towns over and I knew I had to make a visit there.

The other night we got to go for a friends birthday dinner.

The restaurants atmosphere was that of a laid back beach bar. It reminded me of somewhere I went while in Costa Rica. Diner’s had the option of sitting outside where you felt like you were on a beach thanks to sand, and tables with umbrellas. Or you could sit inside were you still felt like you were beachside.

They had a wonderful looking cocktail menu, where I am sure anyone could find a cocktail to their liking. The bartender that took care of us was so friendly and when I asked him about a drink called the Kiera Knightly (cava, rose angel, hibiscus) he assured me I would enjoy the Pura Vida (hibiscus infusion, tequila, lime) much more!
pura vida

Well he certianly did not steer me wrong.

Once the rest of the dinner party got there we relocated to a table and quickly demolished some chips and guac. I adore guac and can be a bit of a guac snob and Valencia Luncheria certainly delivered a delicious guac. For someone who is new to eating guac like Jeff is, he said it was one of his favorites.

The menu was wonderful spread of Latin American food and it was really hard for me to decide what to get for dinner. I ultimately decided on the Mango Dijon Painted Salmon (salmon with a mango dijon glaze) and came with rice and beans and vegetables.
mango salmon

The salmon was absolutely delicious! I love mango anything but found this “glaze” to be a tad too much. The only thing I would change was to have a little less mango glaze next time.

I was so stuffed by the end of the meal I opted out for dessert but I had my eye on a nutella and peanut butter empanada, that I will certainly be going back for sometime soon!

Have you ever had Latin American food?

Have you ever had empanadas? Have you ever had a unique kind?
A lot of my co-workers are from a Latin background so every work party we have some sort of empanadas. I have had chicken but I am looking forward to going back to Valencia Luncheria to try one of their unique ones!

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