Half Marathon Bucket List

Well all this running talk has stuck a fire in me and all I seem to want to talk about is running. After deciding that I wanted to run 2 half marathons a year I decided I should make a bucket list of all the races I would really like to try/plan vacations around!

Half Marathon Bucket list:
Ridgefield Half Marathon
Rock n Roll Chicago
Rock n Roll San Fransisco
Rock n Roll Washington DC
Rock n Roll North Carolina
Rock n Roll Los Angeles
Rock n Roll Las Vegas
Rock n Roll Madrid
Rock n Roll Portugal
Rock n Roll Scottland
Rock n Roll Ireland
I pretty much want to do all the Rock n Roll races.
Disney Half Marathon
All of the Zooma Race series which is Texas, Florida, Cape Cod, Annapolis, Chicago
Nike Women Half Marathon Washington D.C.
Brooklyn Half Marathon

That is all I have got so far. I am open to suggestions to add to my list!

Have you ever ran any of these races?

Do you want to run any of these races?

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