Stratton Faxon 2013 Fairfield Half Marathon Recap

Well this weekend went entirely too quickly!

I had a nice beach/pool day with Cait. Jeff and I had a good bbq at our friends new house and Sunday I ran the Fairifeld Half Marathon.

I had plans to run this Marathon last year but at the last minute deferred from the race because I had two moles removed and wasn’t healed to train.

The Fairfield Half is known to be one of the harder half marathons because of a.) the heat and b.) the hills. Well this year they changed the course and made it less hilly (read:less hilly does not mean no hills, they still kept some killers)

I arrived at the race around 7:30 and met up with my friend Jamie.
ffld half

The race started promptly at 8:30 and an hour too late in the day if you ask any person running the race. You have about a half hour until the sun and the heat start to get to you!

The beginning of the race was great. I felt good and was running between 7 and 730 minute miles. I kept telling myself I needed to slow down a bit and tried to stay around the 8 minute mile range. I knew that they heat would catch up to me.

People were dropping like fly’s at the race. I saw people staggering to sit down and a few people laying on the ground. It was a hot day!

There were several spots along the course where they had hoses or showers hanging for runners and I made sure to run through every one of them.

The race went pretty well for me until mile 10. Those 8 minute miles quickly became 9 and 10 minute miles. A few times I thought for sure I was going down so I had to focus on someone in front of me. All I wanted to do was finish this race.

A few times between mile 10 and 13 I thought about walking. I knew if I stopped and walked there was no chance I would have started running again. In the beginning of the race I thought I might PR but when mile 10 hit I knew there was no chance and I went back to my goal of just crossing the finish line.

Clearly I was in pain.
I saw Jeff as I was about to cross the finish line and he said I gave him a nasty look. I told him it wasn’t to him it was just how I was feeling about life at that very moment.

But I made it, I finished with a time of 1:49:17 with a mile pace of 8:21. I really cannot be mad about that. I finished just a few seconds shy of my PR from the Flower City half Marathon.

I don’t know if I would do that race again though. I am sure I will change my mind next year but at the moment my mind set is, NEVER AGAIN!

How was your weekend?

What is the worst condition you have ever raced in or had to do some sort of workout in?

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