Wedding Planning is Hard

If your not interested in reading things wedding related I suggest you skip today’s post.

After celebrating my friends bachelorette party over the weekend and the countless questions about what I have done for my wedding planning, I feel stressed.


I know I shouldn’t feel stressed, we have plenty of time but still I feel the pressure.

What we have done:
theme- garden party
table numbers
booked my hair dresser (who does this already!?)
seating card holders

What we have left:
a million other things, or so it feels!

Right now we are trying to get a caterer booked and a photographer. I am being extremely picky about photographers because the pictures are so important to me! We will have them for life and if they aren’t up to my standards I will be so upset.

Although I am feeling stressed, there are things I am looking forward to.

Things I am looking forward to:
Wedding dress shopping (I am doing the cliche thing and going to Klenfelds)
Bridesmaid dress shopping
Trying our menu (obviously)
coming up with the playlist for the DJ
All the parties
Booking a honeymoon (or being on the honeymoon)

Have you planned a wedding? Were you stressed?

Have you planned any sort of party? What was the most stressful thing about it?

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  • OH GOD Kaitlin! This post just stressed me out. I’ve been engaged for a year and my wedding is 3 months before yours and you’ve done more than me!

    I do have the dress picked out so thats good… BUT need a photographer and DJ though!

    Suggestions welcome!

  • i forgot about the honeymoon! oooo! what are your ideal destinations?
    i totally would’ve already booked the hairdresser. i’d want my longtime hairdresser to do it so i’d book her right away to get a guarantee she’ll be available!
    you can do it! don’t stress, this is a joyous time!
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    • we have thrown around a few ideas for the honeymoon, but it will all depend on what fits in our price range for it. I am also not helping because I want to be gone for as long as possible :)

  • I would definitely be picky about a photographer, too! This is one of the most important events in your life and they need to document it the way you want it! You have to be able to look back and see every aspect the way you want to see it! I understand you’re nervousness about this!

  • I think you’re already doing so well! Don’t stress yourself out, you want to make sure you enjoy the planning process and know that it’s not about the little details, it’s about the happiness of the day that you’ll remember most. xo

    • haha I am trying to enjoy the planning process, my girlfriend who is getting married at the end of this month was saying how whoever told her this was fun lied haha! I hope I have fun, I know certain aspects of it I will definitely have fun with, others not so much!

  • We kept ours SIMPLE so it wasn’t THAT bad but when we were close to the actual date I definitely got stressed. The key to remember is- it’ll all work out and most importantly, at the end of the day the TINY details won’t be what matters most so plan it out but if something goes wrong know it is OKAY :)
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