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Hey there! Long time no speak! I hope you enjoyed all of the guest posts I had for you while I was away. I noticed a lot of you enjoyed my post about South Africa so I am hoping you will enjoy my trip recaps!

I had the most amazing time on my trip but it certainly feels good to be back into my normal routine and back to my boys!

I have been thinking about how I wanted to recap my trip, a lot happens in 2 weeks so I decided I would take about where I stayed, some wonderful things I ate and the highlights of my trip. I am hoping to make this a quick 3 post thing, I would hate to bore you!

So where did we stay on our 2 week excursion!?

The first stop of our trip was to Berlin. In Berlin we stayed at a hostel called PLUS Berlin.

We really enjoyed this hostel. I arrived on a Monday and was pleasantly surprised when I saw a sign for free yoga Tuesday morning. I jumped right on that opportunity. The hostel beds weren’t the most comfortable but what are you going to do.

The hostel had a pool and sauna. They had a restaurant and offered a breakfast buffet for 6 euros everyday.

The coolest thing about this hostel was that they had an on site art studio where several artist were busy at work everyday. They had paintings to sell and Laura and I both bought some things from them.
plus berlin
The building in the middle is the studio.

We stayed in Berlin for 4 nights and then headed to Hamburg.

In Hamburg we stayed at a hostel called Generator. We only stayed at this hostel one night and I have a biased opinion against it because I am almost positive this hostel was the culprit of my bed bug bites that I got. Yes, its true I got bit by bed bugs while away.

This hostel had really comfy beds too (ironic, huh?). They had the most bizarre bathroom/shower set up I have ever seen.

After Hamburg we went to Munster to stay with my friend Teresa, there she gave us her bed.

There was a lake across the street from Teresa’s flat that made me one happy runner to run around.

From Munster we went to Barcelona and stayed at the best hostel of our trip. We stayed at Chic&Basic.

This place was fancy, to us. They had a kitchen and kept the fridge stocked with beverages, cheeses, bread and snacks that you were welcome to at anytime. The room was big and spacious. It was just a very cool space. You wouldn’t even know it was a hostel because from the outside it looked like you were staying in a flat. The hostel was less then a mile walking from La Rambla which happens to be the happening place in Barcelona.

After Barcelona we met back up with Teresa in her hometown of Lindau and stayed at her house for the duration of our trip.

Not a bad view from Teresa’s kitchen.

It was nice to stay in a house with people we knew and to wake up and be able to make our own breakfast and coffee.

If you are looking to travel abroad and want to save some money staying in hostels is definitely the way to go. Staying in dorm style rooms is the best options for saving money.

I stayed in a decent amount of hostels during my time in South Africa so I really had no problem staying in hostels on this trip. I will say that after getting bed bugs I think my hostel staying days are over for a while.

Have you ever stayed in a hostel? Where?

Do you ever want to stay in a hostel?

Top place on your bucket list to travel?

All of the hostels I mentioned above have multiple locations in different areas all over. I would highly recommend looking into PLUS hostels and Chic&Basic for those of your planning trips abroad!

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