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I cannot start today’s post without sending a very special birthday shout out to my mom! Happy Birthday mom! Sorry I am gallivanting in another country and can’t be there to celebrate with you! Hope your day is wonderful!!

So a week ago I got the opportunity to go to Fitness Magazine’s Meet and Tweet!


The day kicked off with a few speakers!

First up was Sarah Lucero from Stila Cosmetics.


Sarah shared some of her top beauty tips. 1.) rest 2.) a good tinted moisturizer 3.) wear the same chick and lip color.

Her gym bag must haves are mist spray, good mascara and an ipod with good music.

Next up was Dr. Jennifer Ashton (I totally thought it said Jennifer Aniston at first a nearly peed my pants). Jennifer is an obgyn, triathelet and author.

Jennifer encourages a 5 day 2 day diet. Meaning for 5 days a week so follows a healthy eating regimine, no sweets, no refined carbs and for 2 days typically Saurday and Sunday she allows herself treats.

One take away Jennifer left us with that I really enjoyed was the “life is an Olympic event, we have to train for it.” So very true!

A fantastic panel of bloggers followed Jennifer.
Dana, Deb, Jill and Erin all did a fantastic job discussing how they turned blogging into their business’s. They shared great tips as well.

Some takeaways from the panel:
1.) Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing.
2.) Don’t obsess over numbers or followers. Be authentic
3.) Don’t give too much weight on trolls, let it roll of your back.
4.) Don’t worry about search engine optimization.

Brett Hoebel spoke to us about extreme fitness trends.

Brett practices and promotes quick and efficient workouts.
He gives his clients workouts that take 20-30 minutes. His workouts have 3 movement patterns and have them repeat 4 rounds. He says to know you did a good workout you should be pushing your threshold and be breathless.

Last but NOT least the rather attractive Rocco DiSpirito spoke to us about eating what you want and still losing weight and about his Now Eat This! Italy web series on AOL.

Rocco says that Italian’s are skinny because they make meals a social event. He encourages to eat your meals with others and have conversation.

He says that the Italian way to cook with basil is to add it into a recipe at the beginning and not the end, it brings out more of the flavors.

He gave some tips for ordering out or Italian at a restaurant:
1.) Advocate for yourself, if you are looking for a low calorie meal tell the waiter or chef.
2.) Always say no to the bread unless its whole wheat.
3.) Order you food split to go. That means before you even get your serving they have already put the other half in a to go box.

After the seminars we broke for lunch and some schmoozing with the brands! Lunch was ok, nothing to talk about.

Brands that were there were
Athleta; I am telling you, its a good thing I dont have a store close to me!

Smart Balance:
They had some great no bake chocolate pb bites! They also gave you a jar of peanut butter if you balanced on a bosu ball. Obviously I had to do it!
tree pose

Saucony: was so generous and gave us some new kicks!!

Other brands there camelbak who gifted us all new water bottles, Marmot gave us water bottles as well, Vichy lotion, Reebok which gave us sneakers and a tank! Tonalin (I was against them being there) along with Crystal Light.

After our schmoozing we got out choice of workouts, zumba, running or yoga. I chose the yoga and I am certainly glad I did. It was nice to get outside and enjoy the weather. I am not even sure how far we ran but I spent most of the run chatting with some new blogger friends!

After the run Maria and I grabbed our swag!
And hailed a cab to Grand Central

We had such a great day and I am so thankful I got to attend. I am already looking forward to next years event!

Have you ever been to an event like this?

Which workout would you have chose?

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