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Hey there! Happy Thursday! Hope your week is going well!

A few weeks ago Lauren from New Balance invited me to attend the New Balance Psyche Sport Bra launch party at the New Balance in New Canaan CT. Ron is the store manager in New Canaan. He and his wife were super friendly and welcoming! They had some wine and snacks set up for people to enjoy while they shopped around. They also offered chair massages, a nutrition coach, and a foot scan analysis.

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I was able to enjoy a complimentary custom fitting of a few of the bras. I had no idea the importance of wearing the correct sports bra. As a member of the IBTC I never really thought about it and usually grabbed a small.

Why wearing the right size sports bra is important:
Exercising in the wrong bra can lead to more than discomfort. A number of issues, including tension in the arms and shoulders and restricted breathing, can occur if the band is too tight.

A woman’s breasts are composed primarily of adipose (fatty) tissue, mammary glands, connective tissue, and the Cooper’s ligament, which keeps the breast firm and prevents sagging. Because the underlying chest muscles do not support breast tissue, exercising in anything other than a well-fitted sports bra can stretch the Cooper’s ligament, leading to greater sagging and even pain during exercise. (via Sparkpeople)

Well apparently I should be trying on the different sports bras I pick up to make sure that they fit right. It was interesting to see that in some of the bras I was a small and some I was a medium!

Audrey was the women that helped me with my bra fitting and she was extremely helpful and friendly. She pulled a few bras from the collection for me to try.

2013-05-01 04.27.37

I tried the Tenderly Obsessive on first in a medium and then in a small and found it fit much better in a small.
2013-05-01 04.43.48

2013-05-01 04.43.56

I was a huge fan of this bra, it adjustable straps, a snug band and underwire.

The next bra I tried on was the Seamless Genius 1 and ended up fitting better in a medium in that one! I didn’t snap a picture sorry.

After trying on my bras I walked around the store!
2013-05-01 05.06.54

I coveted the pullovers! I wanted to buy one so badly but resisted the urge to splurge!
2013-05-01 05.07.01

I spent about an hour and a half in the store talking to the New Balance rep and a few other people there. Ron ended up giving me a $25 gift certificate since I won a raffle but wasn’t able to redeem my winnings because I live a half hour away.

I decided to purchase the Tenderly Obsessive sports bra in Blue Atoll. I actually wore this bra to the gym this morning and could instantly see a difference between this bra and the other sports bras I wear. Mind you I don’t have much to move around but this bra REALLY kept everything in place. It was super comfortable and I just felt good wearing this bra!

Do you try on your sports bras before you buy them? Or are you like me and just grab the size you think you are and buy it?

Have you ever been fitted for a sports bra?

What is your favorite sports bra brand?
I typically buy the Champion bras at Target but after trying the New Balance Bras I may be a changed women!

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. I purchased the sports bra with the gift card Ron gave me and paid the rest of it with my own money. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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