Elvis Duran and the morning show and Chobani Soho

Cait and I had a blast yesterday in the city!! Cait and webgirl Kathleen happen to be twitter friends and that is how we got the invite to the studio. Well Cait got the invite and I benefited from it! If you listen to Elvis Duran and the morning show, you know that it sounds like a fun time and Cait and I were fortunate enough to see it in action.

We got to meet everyone, expect Elvis :(. He had a plane to catch and snuck out of the office after the show. I did get the chance to do a lot of bonding with his dog Max, I tried my best to steal him so Brady could have a buddy, alas I decided I didn’t want to have a lawsuit against me!

It was awesome to see how the show works, where everyone actually is. When I listen to the show I envisioned them all in the same room, but I was mistaken. The main talk show people are in one room, while web girl Kathleen, Carla Marie and everyone else are outside of the office.

Photo dump time!

greg t
Me and Greg T

Me and Skeery and please note the awesome photo bomb by Scotty B. (also extreme couponing fans, Scotty was on an episode)

Me and Max!!

After our time at the show Cait and I headed out to do some shopping in SoHo before our very exciting lunch date at Chobani SoHo with Amy!!

People, I need to live here!! I was in pure heaven. Everyone who is a chobani lover needs to make it a point to stop here when your in the city!
chobani soho

chobani soho

2013-04-29 23.11.09

Amy works for Chobani and met Cait and I at the store for a special lunch!
me and amy

Cait and I each ordered the smoked salmon and dill because we both knew we would want our own. We then shared the pistachio and dark chocolate and the grapefruit with mint! Never in my life would I have thought to add smoked salmon to yogurt, but I am sure happy someone else thought of it and I got to try it!
2013-04-29 23.11.32

2013-04-29 23.12.44

After our lunch we walked with Amy to the Chobani office and got a nice tour of it. The office space was amazing it was like Anthropology meets Pottery Barn!

2013-04-29 23.50.19

After our time at Chobani I headed home and Cait stayed in the city. All in all it was a fantastic day!

Do you listen to Elvis Duran and the morning show?

What do you listen to in the morning?

Have you ever been to Chobani Soho? What would you like to try the most?

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