Fun Facts Friday

Hey there! Hope you had a great week and have a great weekend planned!

I will be at a Women’s Expo in Stamford CT promoting my Health Coaching Business, hoping to score a few clients :)

1.) The link to our venue didn’t work on Monday. The place where our wedding will be held is the Wadsworth Mansion.

2.) Peanut butter on sweet potatoes is delicious. I was very skeptical of the combo but on a whim decided I should try it before I knocked it and I loved the salty and sweet combo!

3.) Yes to had another coupon code for you!

4.) If this isn’t pure happiness then I don’t know what is!

5.) The winner of the ION Gift Card Giveaway was announced in the original post.

6.) T-minus 2 weeks until the Great Gatsby comes out! Hands down one of the favorite required reading and one of the few books I actually read in high school.

7.) Last night I went to a wine tasting event in NYC with my mom, my Aunt Cindy, their friend Linda and Linda’s niece. The event was so fun!

The Views were pretty great! You can see the Freedom tower very well.
freedom tower

8.) Afterwords we stumbled upon a cute restaurant called HU Kitchen and where I had the best sweet potatoes of my life! They were curried sweet potatoes, I also got almond encrusted chicken tenders and brussels!
hu kitchen

9.) I am looking for guest posters! I am going to be in Germany/Barcelona for two weeks starting May 19th. I don’t plan on blogging too much while I am away so I am hoping to secure some guest posts for you. If you are interested in writing one for me please email me at Please note you do not need to have a blog to contribute a guest post!

What are you doing this weekend?

Are there any movies you are looking forward to seeing?

If you have ever been to NYC what was your favorite place to eat?

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