It’s Only Natural Restaurant Review

Last Friday after a great workout at Cait’s gym and another stop at Daybreak, (had to restock my coffee supply) Cait took me to It’s Only Natural a vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Middletown CT.

Cait knew it would be my place because their logo is the SEXY CARROT
I mean come on now, I may as well be their spokesperson!

The decor of the restaurant was really fun and inviting. I loved the tile on the wall.
It seemed like a fun place to spend your weekend doing work, homework or reading the newspaper at.

Unfortunately, Cait and I showed up starving, the service was slow and our waitress wasn’t all that friendly. We realized the restaurant was pretty busy and the waitress was walking around frantic but she never acknowledged the fact that it was busy. All she had to do was apologize things were taking so long but instead she gave us a tude every time we asked for something.

Alas, we did not let the poor service ruin our time.

They had a great menu with a lot of options which I thought was great. I hate when you go to a vegetarian restaurant and you have 5 things to chose from.

Everything sounded fantastic but I ended up going with the Cajun Tempeh and was so happy it came with a side of sweet potato fries!
cajun tempeh

Oh those sweet potato fries, how I wish I had them right now!

Although our service was less then stellar Cait and I both enjoyed our food and were happy to have good conversation to keep us occupied until our food came.

Have you ever been to a vegetarian/vegan restaurant?

What did you order?

What is your favorite side to get at a restaurant?
Mine is usually sweet potato fries

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