Taste of The Nation Hartford

Oh my goodness I don’t even know how to begin. Taste of the Nation Hartford was an absolute blast.


The event had so many great restaurant and beverage participants! I was very over whelmed upon arrival and I explained the event to Cait’s mom as walking into Forever21 when you aren’t prepared for the chaos. Luckily this wasn’t Cait’s first rodeo so she knew how to navigate the place. We tried to hit up the drinks first and then eat. I got the pleasure of meeting Kelly and her husband and the 3 of us just followed Cait’s lead most of the event and enjoyed our time there.

The event had a Wall of Wine where you could pay $10 and get a bottle valued anywhere from $10-$50, so you aren’t loosing any money. Obviously we had to play this game.
wall of wine

I did not do a good job of taking picture of drinks but luckily I did snap a picture of my favorite beverage. This was from Wood n Tap and made with Onyx, which might be my new favorite liquor.

After sampling some beverages it was on to food! The portions for the most part were small but in an effort to try everything and not get too full, we did a lot of sharing.

Costa Del Sol
had an amazing truffle dessert between two dehydrated orange peels. This dessert stole the show and kicked off the food of the evening for me. Nothing wrong with eating dessert first right!?

They also had a amazing salmon passion fruit roll.

Plan B Burger bar was there
plan b
and on a whim I decided to try their burgers! I was glad I did, it was delicious! Obviously I had to get a pick since the vegetarian was sampling a beef burger.

Barcelona was there and Cait is good friends with the chef and some of the bartenders that were present so I had a good time chatting with Chef Alex. He did not dissapoint with his dish either. You can’t go wrong with bread, whipped cheese and some tuna on the side!

Millwrights is another one of Cait’s favorite places. She is friendly with Chef Tyler there as well and I really enjoyed talking with the chef at this restaurant. Cait also later told me that he was on and won Chopped! They had a delicious smoked salmon in a cold pea soup. The soup really wasn’t my thing but I could have eaten the salmon with a spoon!
smoked salmon

Backstage served up an amazing scallop!

Black Bamboo Chinese Restaurant had some vegan spare ribs and a spring roll. Both of which were delicious. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the spare ribs.
vegan chinese

Tisane Euro Asain Cafe had a delicious beef lo mien. I just loved their presentation so I had to get a pic with it!

Cavey’s was another restaurant present that did not disappoint with its food! Smoked trout.
smoked trout
Whipped ricotta with a delicious ratatouille

Other food I tried but can’t remember where it was from.
Lobster Mac n Cheese.
lobster mac
The best lobster roll
lobster roll
The best edemame burger

All and all the event was a blast. It was nice to get a taste of Hartford cuisine since I rarely get the opportunity to go out to eat up there.

I cannot thank Taste of the Nation Hartford enough for giving me the opportunity to

How was your weekend?

Would you like any of the things I sampled?

Have you been to any of the restaurants?

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