We’re Engaged!!

Hi friends! Happy Monday! April 1st might I add. Don’t worry this isn’t some cruel April Fools joke. Jeff and I did in fact get engaged over the weekend and we are elated. I think it hasn’t sunk in really for either of us and everything seems pretty surreal!


I thought I would share the proposal story with you since it was pretty romantic!

On Saturday night we had plans to go out to a pretty nice dinner. When we got into the car Jeff got in started the car and then was like oh shit I forgot my wallet and ran back inside.

He was taking a little while but I didn’t think anything of it. He came back into the car saying how I put the mail on top of it so he didn’t know where it was, and I was all you didn’t think to pick up the mail to see if it was under it?!

So anyways he had a really nice dinner and were talking about going out for drinks with some friends later in the evening.

We get home and Jeff opens the door and I think I said something along the line of what is going on!? And Jeff just told me to read.
orchid 1

orchid 2

orchid 3

orchid 4

I was crying and shaking the entire time and then when I read the last one I turned around and Jeff was down on his knee with the ring. Don’t even ask me what he said I think I blacked out. I was crying and Jeff says that I said yes before he even asked me to marry him!

(when he “forgot” his wallet he set this up)

The hours that followed after were a whirlwind. We face timed Jeff’s parents. Went over to my parents house and called all the people we needed to call before making it social media official! And we celebrated with some of our friends! It was a fantastic evening but when we got home, I was like I can’t believe that happened.

We are still trying to let it sink in but we both could not be happier!!

Thank you so much to all of your who commented on Instagram or Twitter. You all know how to make us feel special and we appreciate your kind words!

*feel free to ask any questions in the comment section, I will do a q&a round up tomorrow*

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