Sugar addiction

Hey there! Happy Thursday! I hope most of you have a nice long weekend ahead of you. I unfortunately do not but think I might be feeling “under the weather.” 😉

Today I want to talk about sugar.

Part of my training to become a health coach we were also given materials to host several presentations. One of them being about the harmful affects of sugar. During my talks I usually focus on how bad the artificial sweeteners are for you. I promote eating real sugar if you need to have something sweet rather then the fake stuff!

The reason I wanted to talk about regular old sugar is twofold. One I think I have been eating too much sugar and two I feel like a fraud for not practicing what I preach.

Sugar qualifies as an addictive substance for 2 reasons:
Eating the smallest amount leaves us with the desire for more
Suddenly quitting causes withdrawal symptooms such as headaches, mood swings, cravings and fatigue.

A few months ago I gave my Sugar Blues presentation to my co-workers and they all really enjoyed it and I think its safe to say I got most if not all of them off the fake sugar bus. However they all now come to me asking for advice when craving sugar and I give it to them. But then I go home and eat some chocolate chips the second I crave it, insert me calling myself a hypocrite and that I should practice what I preach.

My problem is 2 things, I eat my feelings. If I have a bad day or stressful day when I tend to crave sweets. If I am a week before my period and during my period I want something sweet.
I don’t want to deprive myself. I think this is where everything stems from, I deprived myself so much that now I make it an effort to make sure I satisfy a craving when I have it. I don’t ever want to go back to where I was so giving into that craving sets my mind at ease. (this statement may or may not make any sense to you).

Starting April 1st I am going to be making a very conscious effort to eliminate sugar from my diet. I know it will be very hard for me but I think if I stop and think about what it is I truly want before I go and pour myself a handful of chocolate chips it will help me reduce my sugar intake. After all that is what I tell most of my friends/clients to do and it has been working for them.

I am going to think of what I am really craving before I grab for the chocolate.
I am going to allow myself 15 minutes to think about it after I crave it (I once read somewhere that if you are craving something to wait 15 minutes and you usually end up forgetting about it).
I will have dessert only when its something that I truly want and am not just eating it because I am bored or having a bad day.
Edit to add: I am not giving up sugar completely I am just trying to really listen to my bodies wants and needs before I go searching for candy. Ideally I would like to only have sugar once or twice a week. This everyday habit needs to be kicked to the curb!

Who will be joining me?

Do you think you eat too much sugar?

What do you find yourself craving the most?
Chocolate, 16 handles

Fun fact: after I gave my Sugar Blues presentation at work everyone started calling ti Sugar Babies!

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  • I have a sugar addiction and everyone around me knows it. I am the same way though where I try not to tell myself no because that’s what got me into trouble in the first place. I’ve been trying to focus on eating enough real foods during the day lately so that I’m not left starving at night which results in the need for me to eat every sugary thing in sight. I’m not going to cut sugar out completely (or dessert, for that matter) but I do want to focus a bit more on getting my carbs proteins and fats in instead of pure sugary goodness.
    Sarah @PickyRunner recently posted..Thursday ThoughtsMy Profile

  • Are you doing this with Mommy run so fast? I know a lot of people getting on board with that. (I need to recut out my sugar personally). I’m all for using natural sugar, but I’m diabetic so that really isn’t an option.
    Hollie recently posted..Vacation Dinner FoodMy Profile

    • No im not doing it with her, I think she does like a 21 day sugar detox? I am just trying to eat less of it and really listen to my body rather then being like oh I want sugar and eat it right away. I have a co-worker who is diabetic and he is always asking me what he can use to replace certain things like he uses sweet n low and I always yell at him lol. He has switched to sugar in the raw which is a step for him but I dont always know the right suggestions to give him.

  • Sugar addiction is a serious issue. I used to … I don’t want to use the word binge because it wasn’t THAT bad… Well, kinda… But I used to just eat handfuls of chocolate covered this and that… By the lbs. It was bad. My dinner was ice cream… It was when I was running and not eating enough so my body was probably trying to desperately make up calories. Oof. But now, I know there is a SERIOUS problem with sugar. I’ll never go back there.
    Lauren recently posted..Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

    • Oh yeah I can relate to this! When I was eating very little and working out a lot sugar became my crutch, it gave me the energy I didn’t have but I could have had if I was eating properly!

  • what qualifies as “sugar” based foods? Are fruits fine? Cereal? I mean practically everything has sugar nowadays .. even in my bread ..

  • I’m in!! April will be a month of cutting back on unnecessary sweets, and properly fueling my body. I have some dance performances and opportunities coming up that I need my body tuned up for aka upping my cardio as well. I’m looking forward to hearing how you’re doing! :)

  • It’s a relief that read that more and more people become aware of it. I’ve been doing a sugar detox for 21 days with my husband, realizing that sugar is basically in almost everywhere! Before I ate so much flavored yoghurt…until I recognize that it contains a few teaspoons of sugar. Now I’m cheating (once or twice a week) with 85% chocolate – can’t live without it:) After all, the best experience for us is the balanced energy level during the day. (ref.:

    • Everything in moderation right!? I am amazed at how much sugar is in some things! I eat plain greek yogurt and was shocked to see that even that has a few grams of sugar! I tend to stay away from those flavored ones though because they pump them up with sugar!