Corner Grille

Alternate title my mom would be mad if I didn’t tell you about this pizza place

On Sunday my parents, Jeff, my aunt and I headed to Worcester to watch my brother play in a concert with his jazz band!
My brother plays the guitar and did an excellent job! I am glad one of us is so musically talented. My musical days were short lived.

My mom has been raving about this pizza place called the Corner Grille near my brothers college for a few weeks now and could not wait to take me there!

The restaurant itself was pretty small and had one long table on one side and a few smaller ones on the other side. We arrived at the perfect time because a group of people were just leaving so we were able to snag a spot for 6.

You ordered your meal at the counter and they brought it to you when it was ready! I obviously loved the place right away when I saw they served the beverages in mason jars!

Now on to the pizza! They had so many amazing options to choose from! The pizza crust is so thin its like a cracker, yet it still has that doughy consistency I look for in a pizza crust.

We went for the
Cave Man Pie: Red sauce / pepperoni / sausage / hamburger / bacon / mush- rooms / onions / peppers / cheese (basically Jeff’s pie)

Greek Pie: Baby spinach / garlic / lemon / oregano / diced tomatoes / cheese

Buffalo Pie: Mild buffalo sauce / chicken / bleu cheese blend / celery

Mad Russian Pie: Creamy tomato-vodka sauce / chicken / artichoke hearts / baby spinach / cheese

corner grille pizza

I’m sorry I don’t have a better picture of the pizza. My favorites of the evening were the Greek Pie and the Mad Russian. I mean vodka sauce on a pizza, it doesnt really get much better then that!

I can easily see why my mom wanted us to try this place so much. I wish that this place was near my college campus, I know my girlfriends and I would have frequented it often!

If you are ever in the Worcester Mass area and have a hankering for good pizza I would highly recommend getting yourself to the Corner Grille!

What is your favorite kind of pizza?

Where is you favorite place to get pizza from?
I have a few places that I like but The Fire Engine Pizza company has quickly become my favorite.

What sort of crust do you look for in a pizza?
I like it doughy, and I never eat the end crust of the pizza.

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