Sandy Hook 5K recap

Hi friends! Happy Monday.

I hope you had a fantastic weekend!

Over the weekend my dad and I participated in the Sandy Hook 5K.
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me sh

Approximately 15,000 people were expected to be there! My dad and I were wondering how they were going to pull off the race with that many people. But they did it and they did a great job. There were so many kids there to run the 5k and the 1 mile fun run.

They had people holding signs with the number of minutes you thought it would take you to race. My dad and I lined up at the 24 minute mark which brought us pretty close to the front.

The speakers started around 10:15 and I think they all did a great job of keeping it up lifting and about honoring the memories of the children and teachers lost on December 14th. During the moments of silence for the children and teachers they rang a bell 26 times which I thought was a very nice touch.

The race raised $438,131

Right around 10:30 the race took off. This was the first race I can remember that I decided to run without music. Going into the race I knew it wasn’t about running it was about remembering so I wanted to be completely present.

Just to give you an idea of what it looked like. I actually never turned around while running but heard a few kids say to their friends, “wow did you turn around!? Look at all the people.”

I guess I was in a good spot because it wasn’t really congested at all. The course was nice and they threw a few small hills in there but nothing to bad.
The race went fairly quickly and found myself making the final turn for the finish line in no time. The race ended in Bushnell Park.

I ended up finishing with a time of 22:55. I came in 276th overall, 72nd in females and 11th in my age group. All in all it was a good race and something I am glad my dad and I got to be apart of.

Did you run any races this weekend?

Anybody a virtual runner of this race?

Do anything fun this weekend?

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