Day dreaming about vacationing and eating

This post may seem random and I can assure you, it is. This weather has got me doing all sorts of strange things. I am craving a vacation and I am well aware I have a fabulous one coming up in May, I just wish it was right this second!

Jeff can attest to this because on Monday I blew up his inbox with a bunch of Living Social and Groupon vacations ideas. He didn’t bite, fyi.

Anyways while vacation dreaming I stumbled across some stuff on Las Vegas, which made me reminisce about when I was in middle school and my grandparents lived in Las Vegas.

Ironically so did my best friends grandparents. We were lucky enough to travel together once and spend some time with my grandparents and then with her grandparents. We always had a blast walking around the strip and casinos pretending we were older than we really were trying to pick up some boys. Oh, those were the days…

Ever since I turned 21 it has been on my bucket list to go back to Las Vegas. Not to gamble I hate losing money and not to party, I would be asleep before people even left to go out! But to enjoy the food, not to mention try some of the Celebrity Chef Restaurants out there!

The top restaurant on my list of Celebrity Restaurants to try in Las Vegas would have to be Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill in Caesars Palace!

I feel like I never took advantage of all the good places to eat in Las Vegas, because a.) I had a place to eat a home cooked meal and b.) well it wasn’t really my top priority!

Now that I am an adult and can plan my own vacations it is at the top of my list of things to do. When Jeff and I went to Chicago last year immediately asked him for the area his sister lived in so I could figure out where we should eat dinner.

As much as I love to just stumble across new and unique places while traveling I also like to research the must see and must eat places beforehand.

Happy first day of spring!? Now let’s hope for some warm weather!

Do you like to plan where you are going to eat when you go somewhere new?

Do you have a vacation in your future?

Have you ever been to Las Vegas, did you like it? Have you ever been to Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill?

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