She3 Barre Class and Catch A Healthy Habit with Cait Plus Ate

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, Cait and I had a fitness related activity to get up for in the morning.

A few month ago She 3 Well- Fitness Boutique opened up a few months ago in downtown Fairfield. I had the pleasure of meeting with the owner and we immediately clicked over our similar interests.

Having never taken a Barre class before I figured it would be a perfect opportunity for me to take the class and bring Cait along since I know she is always up for trying new classes. The first class at She 3 is complimentary.

We arrived a few minutes early to snap some picture of the decor!


I need to have this for my home office!

Our class was taught by Nora who was a fabulous instructor. She immediately got bonus points from me because she did the exercises with us. I have been to a few class before were the instructor just instructs and doesn’t work along with you. Being the inflexible person that I am I appreciated when Nora walked around and pushed me more into a form so that I could really challenge my flexibility.

I liked that the class was strengthening, lengthening, toning and stretching all in one. Most of the movements were using our own body weight or light hand weighs (2lbs) at the beginning. But I left the class already feeling the burn especially in my gluts and thighs. I woke up yesterday with a full body sore that made me feel very accomplished, it also proved to me that you don’t need to be lifting heavy weights to get a good total body workout.

Typically post workout blogger pic, please don’t judge my appearance.

After class we swung by Las Vetas which is a cute little coffee shop down the street to sip on coffee until our brunch destination opened at 11am.

I rarely visit this coffee shop because I usually just make my coffee at home but I am thinking I need to start posting up here and doing some blog work or health coaching stuff on the weekends.

After coffee we walked next door to Catch A Healthy Habit for brunch. We were the only ones in there so we could snap lots of pics.
catch a healthy habit

catch a healthy habit

catch a healthy habit

Catch a Healthy Habit was opened by some fellow IINer’s. The restaurant is a vegan, raw foods restaurant.

Cait and I started our meals out with juices/smoothies. juices
The Popeye (spinach, cucumber, red apple and lemon) for Cait and a Grateful Green Smoothie for me (kale, pineapple, banana).

For eats Cait got a “pizza” and I went for the Catch a Healthy Habit Burger which was a nut seed and veggie burger on onion bread with lettuce, ranch and bbq sauce, pickles and a side of cheezy broccoli.
catch a healthy habit burger

Everything was really good and I liked the “bread” a lot. I was a little sad my portion was small, I would have enjoyed more of that broccoli.

The meal was perfect shopping fuel for Cait and me as our next stop was Westport. I had to show Cait David’s Tea and she got her shop on while I just windowed shopped.

I think it is safe to say Cait’s visit to Fairfield was a success!

Have you ever taken a barre class?

Have you ever eaten at a vegan restaurant?

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