Bodega Taco Bar with Cait Plus Ate

Good morning friends! I am feeling rather chipper this morning despite losing an hour of sleep and waking up at random times throughout the night. Let’s hope this chipper mood lasts all day!

As some of you may have noticed via instagram or twitter Cait came to visit me this weekend and we had quite the fun jam packed evening/day.

me and cait

We started things off with drinks and dinner at this cute little Mexican place called Bodega.

We started the evening with some beverages while we waited for a table.
bodega girl
My drink was called the Bodega girl and had corralejo reposado, strawberry-cilantro
mash and lemon juice. It was very refreshing.

The restaurant is always crowded so I anticipated a wait, but the wait was longer then expected. It gave us ampul time to chat and gossip. We came close to throwing in the towel but I assured Cait it would be worth the wait and we were sat shortly after that.

Once we were sat our waiter was super friendly and helped both of us decide what our next beverage of the evening would be. We both seemed to be super indecisive about what to order

Happy to be sitting and on to drink number 2 which was a Pomarita which had milagro silver, pomegranate, agave and lime juice. I added some salt on the rim which helped balance out the sweetness of the cocktail.

As usual the meal did not disappoint. One of the things Bodega is known for is for their AMAZING Brussles sprouts. Anyone who has been to Bodega and likes Brussels sprouts knows about them. For my meal I went with 3 sides Brussles sprouts, asparagus and braised kale.

For some protein I chose 2 of their tacos.

One was the Baja which was panko crusted mahi mahi, pico de gallo, lemon aioli. The other one I got was Gambas seared ancho chili shrimp, cucumber-mango salsa.

To be quite honest with you, I could have been satisfied with just the veggies. But the meal was fabulous.

After dinner we met up with Jeff and some of our friends for a bit before calling it a night. We had a fun workout on tap for the next morning and knew the time change would make us feel sluggish.

I will finish the rest tomorrow because I feel this post will get far too long for your liking and think our next day deserves its own post!

How was your weekend?

Go out to eat anywhere?

Whats your favorite thing to order to eat or drink at a mexican restaurant?

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